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Cathy and Trish had been sitting in a booth sipping coffee and gossiping ravenously for nearly an hour. Every so often one of them would say something and they would both burst out laughing.

The two of them got together every couple of weeks for these sessions and they'd spend at least an hour talking about everyone and everything. They were both insatiable gossips and shared a cynical, jaded sense of humor. They fed off of each other's acidic wit as they discussed the private lives of everyone the two of them knew.

Neither of them was mean spirited. They simply enjoyed making themselves laugh, and if it was at the expense of others, at least no one knew it.

Because these get-togethers revolved around gossip, they didn't spend much time talking about their own lives. Sure, there was always some venting if a husband or friend had ruffled some feathers. But by and large, Cathy and Trish both preferred to talk about other peoples' lives. So Cathy wasn't expecting it when Trish confided in her.

"There's something up with Ed," Trish told Cathy. Ed was Trish's husband.

"Oh?" Cathy replied, raising her eyebrows.

"Yeah, lately he's been really pestering me to go down on him." Cathy's eyebrows shot up more as her eyes widened in surprise.

"Really?" Cathy couldn't immediately think of anything to say.

"Yeah, for the last month or so," Trish said. "It's very unlike him."

"What do you mean?" Cathy and Trish didn't usually discuss their own situations, so Cathy didn't really know why Trish would think there was something wrong about her husband wanting head.

"Well, it's not something we've done in a long time, you know?" Trish replied. "And he never really asked. Not right out, anyway. He would always hint around about it, but never come right out and ask me to." Trish sipped her coffee. "But now... he certainly isn't being shy about it!" She laughed, but it sounded forced. Not the easy laughter that they usually experienced.

"So...?" Cathy prompted, but Trish didn't seem about to volunteer more information. "Did you?"

"No," Trish said quickly. Cathy felt a little disappointment, but she wasn't sure why. "No, I almost let him talk me into it the other night, but..." Trish looked up at Cathy, shrugged and looked away. "I never really liked it. I did it for him, of course, because I loved him and knew he liked it. But, I don't know, I feel like I've outgrown that kind of stuff."

Cathy stared at Trish for a moment, not sure how to respond. They weren't in the habit of giving each other advice or being supportive. They were there to dissect other peoples' lives, not their own.

"What would you do?" Trish asked after a silence.

"I don't have that problem," Cathy replied without thinking. "Jim doesn't like it."

"Lucky you."

"No, not really," Cathy said without taking her eyes off the table. "I miss it."

"Really?" Trish asked, surprise in her voice. "You do?"

"Oh, sure," Cathy said. "I always liked it. And yeah, I was pretty disappointed when Jim told me he, you know, just didn't really want me doing that anymore." Cathy looked up and shrugged.

"Amy told me once that she liked it," Trish said, the disbelief still present in her voice. "I don't understand it. I mean, I did it, but it was for him, not because I liked it!" She gave another forced-sounding laugh.

"I don't know," Cathy replied. "I guess you hear all the time that women don't like it. Or shouldn't, or whatever." She flashed a wan smile. "It was always one of my favorite things though." Her mouth gave a wistful twist and she shrugged.

"Wanna come over an blow Ed for me?" Trish asked and they both laughed. This time the mirth was a more genuine.

"So why is Ed suddenly pushing you to?" Cathy asked after they finished laughing.

"The kids in the store, I suppose," Trish said. Trish and Ed owned a retail store and they employed a lot of high school and college kids. "I hear them talking sometimes and, wow! The things they say! And I'm talking about the girls!" Trish added emphatically.

"Anyway, I overhear them talking all the time and I'm sure Ed does too. And they talk alot about giving blow jobs. Who goes down, who doesn't. Who spits, who swallows. The works!"

Cathy nodded. Yeah, if Ed was hearing a bunch of cute little teeny-boppers talk about it all day long, it was no wonder it was on his mind when he got home to his wife at night.

"So what are you going to do?" Cathy asked.

"I don't know," Trish said with a shrug. "I don't really want to. And I don't like why he wants me to. I know all he'd be thinking about is the girls at the store." She looked up at Cathy as if looking for approval, but Cathy was momentarily lost in her own musings.

"I mean," Trish added hastily when Cathy didn't immediately reply, "I always used to do it for him. You know, as a special treat. Birthdays, New Year's and stuff like that. But this is..." Trish couldn't seem to find the words she was looking for. "This isn't about me and Ed. This is more about him getting horny over a bunch of kids. I don't think that deserves special treatment."

Cathy nodded. Trish was right about that. If it was a special thing for her to give him, then it should be about the two of them. Ed getting worked up over the sex life of a college girl was no reason for his wife to lavish this favor on him.

At the same time, Cathy was wishing that Jim, her husband, would overhear someone talking about it and come home wanting one. Cathy wouldn't care what the reason was. By her count it had been almost ten years since the last time she had given her husband oral sex. And, considering it was something that Cathy had always loved doing, that was quite a dry spell.

"So Jim really doesn't like it?" Trish asked. "I thought all men did. I thought that's what all of them wanted. More than sex."

"Yeah, I thought so too," said Cathy, letting disappointment creep into her voice. "The guy I dated in college, well, yeah, he definitely liked it much better than sex. It was normal for me to do him two or three times a day. And we'd have done it more if we could have found more chances to be alone!"

"Two or three times a day?" Trish gasped, incredulous. "Oh my God! Two or three a year is a lot to me!"

"Yeah, well, he loved it and so did I, so why not?" Cathy smiled and shrugged. "I had some of the best orgasms of my life that way."

Trish blinked, speechless.

"It's true," Cathy said, enjoying Trish's reaction. "You know how incredible it feels when you climax together during sex? Well," Cathy continued without waiting for Trish's response, "it's even more intense when it's oral. For me, anyway," Cathy added.

"You... cum while you're giving...?" Trish was apparently still not over her surprise. Cathy nodded.

"Oh yeah," she smiled, feeling a little bit of red creep into her cheeks. "And Tommy, my college boyfriend, he got pretty good at holding out until I was close, right? And a bunch of times, we timed it perfect. Tasting him just as I was getting there... WOW!" Cathy nodded her head, "Oh yeah! It was frigging incredible!" The semi-stunned look on her friend's face encouraged Cathy to continue.

"The first time it happened, I came so hard that I forgot he was cumming too and I almost choked!" Cathy enjoyed watching Trish's eyes widen.

"So what are you going to do?" Trish asked her.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, if you love it so much and your husband doesn't, well...?" Trish raised her eyebrows.

"Oh, I don't think I'd cheat on Jim," Cathy said, but there wasn't much conviction in her voice or in her heart. "And I'm not blowing Ed either!" They laughed again, but it wasn't as funny the second time.

"What about Tony?" Trish suggested. Tony was the twenty-something hunk that worked in the back at Trish's store. Cathy and Trish often joked about using him for their own sexual amusement. This was a little less of a joke though, Cathy sensed.

Tony had quite a reputation around the store. No doubt some of the girls who were overheard talking about blow jobs had been talking about what they had done or wanted to do with Tony.

But Tony was a twenty-something hunk with a steady supply of eighteen year olds to pick from. Cathy was in her late thirties, and while she was still in pretty good shape, she certainly didn't have the body of a teenager. She said as much to Trish.

"Why bother with old ladies when you've got all that fresh young meat around, right?" she said to Trish with a slight laugh.

"Don't sell yourself short," Trish admonished. Cathy was expecting some sort of pep-up. But Trish totally surprised her.

"You know Margaret? Our accountant?" Cathy nodded. Margaret was a sweet little woman, late forties, early fifties that had worked for Ed and Trish for several years. "She fucks him. Regularly!"

Cathy was so surprised that she just sat slack jawed waiting for Trish to elaborate.

"Yep," Trish went on after she had savored the shock on Cathy's face for a few moments. "She goes to a craft group every other week. She leaves her house a half hour earlier than she needs to and gets to the group a half hour late!"

"Isn't she married?" was all Cathy could think to ask. Trish nodded.

"Twenty-five years. Turns out her husband just wasn't paying any attention to her, so..." Trish shot Cathy a sly look. "If he's giving it to her, he'll sure as hell let you give him a hummer!"

"Yeah, and have it broadcast all over your store? I don't think so!" While Cathy wasn't giving this whole idea any serious consideration, there was a part of her that couldn't resist fantasizing about sucking a nice hard cock again.

"Oh, you don't have to worry about that!" Trish said. "Tony is nothing if not discrete."

"Oh, really? Then how do you know about him and Margaret? I can't imagine she told you!"

"Uh, well, I didn't actually hear it from anyone," Trish said, her voice dropping low. The way she said it made Cathy very curious. She leaned forward to hear.

"It was the surveillance video," Trish told Cathy. She nodded and Cathy almost exploded waiting to hear Trish elaborate. "Yep, she did him right there in the store."

"Tell me! Tell me!" Cathy hissed with a giggle. "I gotta hear this!"

"It was a Sunday. They were there, with Ed, counting inventory for an audit. When Ed left, Tony was finishing up in the back and Margaret was upstairs updating the computer for the audit. I stopped in just after Ed left to get my wallet--I left it there the day before.

"Well, there's no one in the office, so I go to the video monitor for the back room. And that's when I saw them! He was sitting on a chair and she was kneeling between his legs, her head bobbing away in his lap!" Trish paused, giving Cathy a devilish look.

"No way!" Cathy cackled. "She was blowing him?"

"Yep," Trish said, laughing. "That little schoolmarm accountant was sucking that boy's weenie like it was the last one left!" They both laughed again.

For Cathy, this was the real reason they got together--to talk about other people. This was much more fun than the time they had spent talking about their own lives.

"So did she suck him off?" Cathy wanted to know.

"Nah, she got up and he bent her over the table in the receiving area. Plowed her from behind for a good ten minutes and then squirted it all over her back and ass!"

"Holy crap!" said Cathy, still giggling. "That's freaking awesome! So how do you know about her going to his house?"

"Oh, I started asking her questions--subtle ones--on Monday. And she knew I knew something, but she was doing her best not to let on. Eventually, she did tell me. At least part of it. She never did fess up to doing it in my store though!"

"Did you ask if she sucked his dick?" Cathy for some reason was fascinated at the idea of a middle aged asexual-seeming woman going down on a young guy. Trish shook her head.

"Nah, she didn't give up any details," Trish shrugged. "And I kinda felt bad for her. She was mortified that I found out. I never did tell her how I found out," Trish added with a smirk.

"So do you have the video tape?" Cathy asked. She found herself dying to watch it herself. But Trish shook her head.

"No, the tape wasn't running. I didn't realize it until afterward." Trish shrugged. "It wasn't much of a picture anyway. The only thing you could tell is that the rumors about how well Tony is hung are true!"

"Really?" squealed Cathy. Trish had told her about the rumors a while ago. Whenever they were joking about sexual fantasies and Tony, the rumors were always mentioned. "Now I'm going to have to do him!" They both laughed.

"You might want to reconsider!" Trish joked. "I think he might actually be too big!"

"Oh, I don't know about that!" replied Cathy, only half joking. "Tommy had almost nine inches and he was pretty thick too. I never had any trouble with that!"

"Damn, girl!" said Trish. "You sucked a dick that big? Three times a day?"

"Uh huh. I could deep throat almost all of him, too!" Cathy held up her thumb and forefinger about a half inch apart. "All but about that much of him." Cathy felt herself getting a little warm thinking about it. "Okay, I gotta stop thinking about it. I'm getting a little too worked up!" She laughed as if she were making a joke, but she really did feel her pussy stirring at the thought of her college boyfriend.

"Well, there's always Tony!" Trish laughed. "I don't know if he has nine inches or not, but he does have a big dick! Want me to have him work late one night this week?" The two of them were still laughing, but behind her laughs, Cathy was fantasizing a little. Mostly it was about her college boyfriend, but the idea that there was a big young cock around that could be sucked was figuring in to her musings as well.

"I'll tell you what," Cathy retorted. "You blow Ed and I'll blow Tony. Deal?"

"That's a losing deal for you," Trish shot back. "Eventually, Ed's going to wear me down and get me to do it. He almost got me to the other night!"

"You still don't get it!" Cathy laughed. "I like doing it! So it'd be a win for me! You'd be the one gargling with Scope to get the taste out of your mouth!" Trish nodded, laughing.

"I still can't believe that you get off that way," she said.

"Believe it," Cathy said as their laughs subsided. "Nothing turns me on more!"

"So," Trish started slowly. "If you like it so much, why doesn't Jim, you know, work with you?"

"It's not that simple," Cathy said, trying to figure out how to explain it. She had never really explained it to herself. "If he's not into it, then I'm not into it. It's how turned on the guy gets that makes it what it is for me. I can't just go suck on a cucumber and get off!" They both cracked up again.

"But seriously," Cathy continued, "it really is about getting the guy off. That's the exciting part. That's what gets me going. Jim did try, I think, to let me, but..." Cathy shrugged. "When it was obvious he wasn't all that into it, for me it was like 'what's the point?' You know?"

Trish was nodding, but Cathy wasn't sure that her friend really understood. After all, Trish wasn't into getting a man off. It was something she did because she felt she had to. Not something that turned her on.

"So," Trish began again. "If you ever want to again, you're going to have to go elsewhere!" Trish smirked at her. "I know where there's a hot stud with a big schlong. I bet he'd let you suck it!"

"Yeah, whatever," Cathy waved a dismissive hand at Trish. "Say 'hi' to Ed's dick tonight when you have your face in his lap!"

"Seriously, though," persisted Trish. "If you could, why wouldn't you?"

"Well, for starters," Cathy shot back, "it would involve a dick that was not my husband's! Would you screw around on Ed?" Trish shrugged.

"No, not to give a blow job, that's for sure!" she smiled, but Cathy didn't smile back.

"No, really," Cathy pressed. "If your husband wasn't doing it for you, would you go somewhere else or would you learn to do without?" Trish shrugged again.

"Ed's never really done it for me. No one has."

Cathy just blinked at her friend. Trish had never told her that before.

"You've never...?" Cathy began.

"Not never!" Trish quickly corrected her. "Just never during sex. I don't know, I just never get there that way."

Cathy nodded, not sure what to say. She couldn't imagine not reaching orgasm at least some of the time. Sure there were plenty of nights when Jim popped his top before Cathy could get close. But there were other nights when she came two or three times. No wonder Trish was more interested in other people's sex lives!

"So now we know there's no reason for me. But there's still you," Trish resumed. Cathy shook her head.

"Why are you pushing this?" she asked Trish. "I've already told you I couldn't."

"You say you couldn't, but you should have seen the look on your face when you were talking about your college boyfriend!"


"So," Trish said, "you obviously want it. Now me, I don't have any reason to want it. But you," Trish gave her meaningful look. "You obviously have a reason to want it! And it's right here for the taking. I bet I could hook you up by tomorrow!"

Cathy was shaking her head and denying that what Trish was saying was true. At the same time, she was remembering all sorts of things she had done in college that she must have forgotten about.

She remembered the time that she gave Tommy a quick one when her roommate went downstairs to put in laundry. And then giving him a second quick one half an hour later when her roommate went back for the clothes. She remembered the day that her roommate was away and she told Tommy she was going to see how many times she could get him off. She thought it wound up being something like six or seven times, but she couldn't remember for sure now. Most of all, Cathy remembered the incredible orgasms she had when she came just as Tommy's shaft was stiffening and erupting in her mouth.

These were memories that she hadn't recalled in many years. Now Trish had her thinking about them. Worse, Trish had reminded Cathy of how important oral sex had been to her at one time. Was it still important? An hour ago Cathy would have shrugged off the question. But now she found herself reminiscing about it in a dangerous way.

The more she thought about it, the more Cathy realized how big a hole there was in her life now. There was nothing in her sex life with Jim that had ever compensated for that loss. She loved her husband and they had great sex together. Or at least they had, back before they had kids. But nothing had replaced the passion and gut wrenching orgasms she had known before. There was a thrill to it--kneeling in front of a man, his cock in her face as he waited for her to satisfy him--that intercourse did not duplicate for her.

So? It had been ten years and she'd survived. She would continue to survive without it. Trish stirring up her memories, getting her thinking about it, might make the idea of doing it again seem tempting. But the idea of actually doing something about it, actually sucking another man's cock, well... Cathy didn't see that happening.

"Want me to make the call?" Trish asked, smirking. Cathy scowled and shook her head.

"Are you out of your mind?" she asked. "I told you, it's all about wanting to please a man, get him off. It can't be just anybody. It has to be someone that I really want to do that for!"

"Are you sure?" Trish asked. Cathy blinked, not sure what Trish was asking. "I mean," Trish elaborated, "are you sure it's the guy and not the cock?"

"It's the man," Cathy said with certainty.

"Are you sure?" Trish persisted.

"Yes, I'm quite sure."

"Did you ever blow a guy you hardly knew?"

"Uh, no," Cathy said after thinking for a couple seconds.

"Then how do you know?" Trish said, as if she had just caught Cathy in a contradiction.

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