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A week and a half later, Cathy was clearing away dinner dishes when her cell phone rang. It was Tracy . It was unusual for Cathy to hear from Tracy in the evenings.


"What the fuck happened?" Tracy yelled in her ear. "What did you do?"

"Huh?" Cathy was totally taken aback. She had no idea what Tracy was saying or why.

"I'm at his place right now and he won't fuck me!" Tracy sounded furious. "Did you chicken out or something?"

"Uh, no, I..." Cathy was confused. She had, in fact, gone to Tony's apartment two days ago. "I did it," she said quietly into the phone. Jim was upstairs getting the kids into the tub, so there was no immediate danger of being overheard. But Cathy didn't want to have this conversation now.

"Then why am I sitting out here in my car, horny as fuck and not getting laid?"

"Look," Cathy said, keeping her voice low. "I can't talk now. Maybe you could stop by tomorrow?"

"No, goddamn you! I want to know what you did. Or didn't do, 'cause the son-of-a-bitch just told me to blow him or get out!"

"I, uh..." Cathy knew it was beyond foolish to try to have this conversation in her own home with her husband home. Tracy was screaming so loud that Cathy was afraid Jim would hear her through the phone all the way upstairs. "I'll meet you at the diner in ten minutes, okay?" Tracy agreed and Cathy hung up.

"Hon," she called up the stairs. "I have to go give Tracy a ride home. I'll be right back."

Fifteen minutes later she was sitting at the diner across the table from Tracy , sipping a decaf latte.

"He told me," Tracy said without so much as a hello, "that I hadn't come over yesterday, so, unless I was going to blow him tonight, I might as well go home. I said I thought you came over and took care of that for me and he told me he didn't know what I was talking about. Didn't you go?"

"Yeah, I went," Cathy said. "And I did it. He's lying if he said I didn't."

"He didn't say you didn't. He said he didn't know what I was talking about. You did tell him that you were there, you know, on my behalf, right?" Cathy nodded. "So what happened? Tell me exactly," Tracy insisted.

"I told Jim I was just giving you a ride home, so this has to be quick," Cathy said, more because she wasn't really prepared to talk about this just yet. It had been an awesome experience. It had been so good, it was almost scary.

"Just tell me," Tracy pressed.

"Well, I got there right after twelve and he let me in. We went up the stairs and I asked him did he know why I was there. He said yes. I said, 'This is for Tracy , okay?' and he laughed and told me that either I was a really good friend or there was something in this for me. So he knew."

"Then what?" Tracy asked.

"Well, then... there wasn't much more conversation after that. He told me I looked hot and asked me if I wanted a drink. He asked did I really want to do it and I said yes. And then, well, you know what happened after that!"

Cathy didn't want to talk about how incredible it had been. She wasn't ready to admit it to herself just yet. It had been good, like the old days in her dorm room. She had had two orgasms while he was in her mouth and they had been awesome. Then he had filled her mouth with his own climax and she had almost gone off a third time. Then his magnificent cock had shriveled in her mouth, telling her that the fun was now over. It was such a disappointment to let that softening flesh slip from her mouth.

He was, as Trish had said, quite well endowed. He was the biggest that Cathy had ever experienced, just edging out her college boyfriend, Tommy. Cathy couldn't do all the things she wanted to with him. At least, she hadn't been able to this time. But she wanted to try again.

She wasn't sure if she actually would. It had been quite a thrill, but Cathy had sense enough to know that she couldn't do something like that without consequences. Still, maybe just one or two more times wouldn't be too big a risk.

"You did everything he wanted, right?" Tracy was asking, bringing Cathy back to the present.

"Yeah, but he didn't tell me to do much," Cathy said. "He pulled it out and said something like, 'I heard you know what to do with this.' And I just said yes. Then he told me he wanted me to kneel down in front of him, and I did. Then it was in my mouth and I was sucking it," Cathy said with an embarrassed little laugh. "I did the best I could, but you know, he's kind of big, so it wasn't that easy." She took a sip of her latte and laughed again.

She didn't tell Tracy that she almost had chickened out. Even as she was standing there in Tony's apartment, she had been telling herself it wasn't too late to just walk out. But when she had seen the bulge in his pant, she realized there was no reason to leave. She was here because this was what she wanted. Craved, even. And when he pulled that impressive piece of manhood out for her to see, any remaining doubts quickly evaporated. She had quickly and compliantly gotten down on her knees, eager to have him in her mouth.

"Well?" Tracy pressed. "Let's hear it all."

"There isn't that much to tell," Cathy repeated. "We hardly even said hello before he had it out of his pants. And," Cathy leaned forward and lowered her voice. "Let me just tell you, I still got it! I mean, he was big so it wasn't easy to do everything I normally would. I couldn't get all of him in my mouth. And it was tough because he's thick too, you know? So I pretty much just worked on half of him, but he was getting into it."

"Duh! Of course he was getting into it! He was a guy getting a blow job!"

"Well, yeah," Cathy conceded. "But he was moaning and running his hands through my hair and saying how good my mouth felt on him. After the first time I went as far down on him as I could, he told me I was an awesome cocksucker!" Cathy laughed. "I mean, that's not exactly a Harlequin moment, but it got me wet when he said it."

"Yeah," Tracy said. "I'm not into it like you, but there is something about that word. You know, when they call you that when you have it in your mouth. I mean, it's not like you can deny that you are one at that point. You're on your knees sucking it and he's calling you a cocksucker," Tracy shrugged. "I don't know what it is. Kinda makes you feel all hot and slutty and all." Tracy paused as if searching for words. Cathy waited for her to continue.

"I can't explain it," Tracy went on. "I actually resented it at first. I thought, 'Who the fuck is he to call me that?' Kinda funny, huh? I mean, there I was, sucking his cock, getting mad that he called me a cocksucker! But now," Tracy paused again. "Now, I guess that's one of the things I like best about it. It's such a dirty, slutty thing for a girl to be called." Tracy gave her shoulders a little shake and flashed a slight smile.

Cathy nodded. It had been Tony calling her an awesome and terrific cocksucker that brought her to her first orgasm. Probably it was for different reasons than for Tracy though. Cathy didn't necessarily feel like a dirty slut, nor did she need to for it to get her hot. No, in her mind the word was synonymous with pleasing a man and that was what got her juices flowing. It was more that he said she was terrific that got her off, than that he called her a cocksucker.

"So then?" Tracy asked.

"What do you mean, 'then?'" Cathy laughed. "I think you know what happens!"

"No, I mean, you were sucking him. He was running his hands through your hair and telling you what a good cocksucker you..."

"Awesome!" Cathy interrupted.

"Right. What an awesome cocksucker you are and then?"

"I sucked him until I came. Then I sucked him until he came!" Cathy laughed. There was no way she could explain the thrill to Tracy . Maybe if Tracy got off on it like Cathy did, they could compare notes. But how could Cathy express in words to her friend how electrifying it was for her to feel a man's cock swell and burst in her mouth?

"That's it?" Tracy asked, disappointed. "You can't give me any more details than that?"

"Well," Cathy said slowly. "You wouldn't understand. Either you really, really love that feeling, or you don't. For me, well, I get off--sometimes literally--when I feel that hot splash on my tongue or feel it hit the back of my throat. And I like big shots too. A guy who gives me three or four healthy squirts... mmm! I want my mouth full of it. Tony was pretty good that way. He gave me two or three good shots."

"You really like it when a guy cums in your mouth?" Tracy asked, apparently still not believing.

"Love it."

"I don't get it," Tracy shook her head. "It's such nasty, sticky, horrible tasting goop. What's to like about it?"

"I never really thought about the taste so much," Cathy replied. "It's all about the excitement of feeling him swell and burst. It's just..." Cathy couldn't find any words to describe the feeling of that moment. "I don't know. That I made it happen. I took him there and all he had to do was relax and enjoy it." Cathy shrugged. That wasn't really it. Not by a long shot. But if there were words to convey the way she felt about it, they were beyond her.

"Did he tell you to swallow?" Tracy asked. There was something strange about the questions, Cathy thought. Weren't they here because Tracy had gone to Tony's to get laid and he told her she still owed him a blow job? So why was Tracy so interested in the details of Cathy's encounter? The initial questions Tracy had asked made sense. Did Tony know that Cathy was fulfilling Tracy 's obligation? Had Cathy in fact held up her end of the bargain?

But now Tracy 's questions seemed oddly voyeuristic. Why was she so interested in the details of a blow job? What the hell was there to tell, really? Cathy sucked him, swallowed him and that was it.

"Shouldn't we be figuring out why Tony didn't live up to his part of the deal?" Cathy asked. Tracy looked right at her for a long moment and Cathy, for the life of her, could not figure out what her friend was thinking.

"Well," Tracy said after a long, strange silence. "It's like this. Trish and I kinda set you up." Tracy made a face as if bracing herself for retaliation.

"Set me up?" Cathy asked, confused.

"Yeah, we kind of made up the thing about having to give Tony blow jobs," Tracy confessed. "It really just started out as a practical joke," she added. "I don't think either of us really thought you'd go and actually do it!"

"What?" Cathy wasn't sure how she felt, but anger and betrayal were certainly part of the mix. "You mean you just made up all that stuff? All of it?" Cathy felt tears starting to gather in her eyes and blood rush to her face.

"No, no!" Tracy said quickly. "I've been fucking Tony for months. And sometimes I give him a blow job. But I made up the part about him making me do it every week." Tracy drew a deep breath. "Look, I'm sorry. Like I said, it was just supposed to be a joke. But when you said okay, well, Trish and I just figured it was something you wanted anyway."

Cathy had to admit that she had only really done it for herself. Tracy had given her a convenient, if rather weak, excuse. She had wanted to savor the feel and taste of a man in her mouth again, and this little prank had made that possible. She shook her head, still not sure which emotions swirling in her internal maelstrom would prevail.

"You two concocted that whole thing? To trick me into giving a blow job?" It seemed preposterous that they had even thought of it and even more ridiculous that Cathy had fallen right into it. There was some truth to what Tracy said about Cathy wanting it, of course.

But was it that easy to get Cathy to do something that could have a hugely detrimental effect on her life? What if Jim found out? He'd be crushed. And pissed. And what would happen if he wanted a divorce? She had gone down on a guy almost fifteen years younger. That wouldn't look very good.

And the humiliation... family, friends, neighbors. In the excitement of the moment all of that was completely ignored, and so casually. What the hell was the matter with her?

"Okay, look," Cathy said, a strange plan formulating in her head. "I've got to find some way to even the score, but I'm not sure what that is right now. But go tell Trish, you guys are going to do something to pay this back."

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