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When Cathy had said that Tracy and Trish would have to pay her back, she really had no idea what that statement meant. Maybe she just needed a way to save face when she realized that she had been the victim of a joke. But she felt like they had been unfair to her and she had a right to something. What that something might be, she still couldn't say.

What was there to do about it, really? It had been a goof. Tracy and Trish had just underestimated how tempting the whole thing had been to Cathy. That was hardly their fault. They had probably been laughing their asses off at the idea that giving a blow job was any kind of temptation anyway. When Cathy actually agreed to do it, they must have wet their pants.

Cathy couldn't figure out what the payback should be. They could argue that she owed them a thank you for making it happen for her. At the same time it was clearly a violation of trust to have played her like that, even if the ends benefited her. But it seemed like there needed to be something more said or done. Some kind of closure, perhaps.

The first step, it seemed to Cathy, was to get the three of them together to talk. Maybe the conversation would provide some clues. Cathy could tell them, frankly and openly, how much she had enjoyed her encounter with Tony. And could, with equal honesty, tell them that she was considering doing it again. But there was still the matter of they're betrayal of trust. It had been a dishonest, sneaky thing to do and whatever the outcome, that wasn't justified.

* * * * *

It had been a week since Cathy's encounter with Trish's stock room stud, Tony. And almost a week since she had found out that the whole thing had been a joke set up by Trish and Tracy, neither of whom ever suspected that anything would really happen. Now Cathy sat at Trish's kitchen table with Trish and Tracy.

The atmosphere was a little tense and uncomfortable. None of their usual chit-chat, just isolated questions and answers and a lot of awkward silences in between.

Cathy knew what she wanted to do, she just didn't know if she could pull it off. She started off a bit clumsy.

"So I just wanted to tell you two that, well," Cathy had rehearsed her initial speech, but it was not exactly flowing out of her. "I think what you did was pretty low. I mean, it may have, you know... Maybe I, maybe it was something that, you know, I did 'cause deep down I really wanted to. But still, you guys were, well, what you did and all... That just wasn't right and I think you owe me." She looked at them. They had their poker faces on. Not sure what to say, Cathy decided to abandon her rehearsed speech and veered off on a tangent.

"So the stuff about your husband wanting a blow job and Margaret screwing Tony, you made that up too?"

"No, actually," Trish replied, "He's still bugging me to. And I already did it for him twice in the last two weeks." She gave a short laugh and added, "And thanks to you, I even tried swallowing. Now he expects me to do it all the time!" There was something a little strange about Trish's confession, but Cathy couldn't put her finger on it. She suspected there was more to that story, but first things first.

"And Margaret?" Cathy pressed.

"Oh, she fucked him, but I may have embellished a little," Trish confessed. "I saw them on the surveilence camera--and I do have the tape--but I don't really know what she does with him now. I'm pretty sure she sees him, because she gets all red and stammers when I ask her direct questions. But I don't really know how often she sees him or what happens when she does."

Cathy mulled over this new information. She really, truly did not know what to expect when she had come here today to confront Trish and Tracy. She didn't feel any burning need to tell them off or anything so dramatic. Any anger she had felt had dissipated. She did believe that they had done something wrong in tricking her the way they had, but what would be fair recompense?

Cathy had masturbated three times in the past week as she recalled the taste and feel of Tony's cock in her mouth. She had reached orgasm while fantasizing about his hot, salty discharge filling her mouth. She had seriously considered paying him another visit.

Fortunately, Tracy 's confession that this had been a joke at Cathy's expense diffused what might have otherwise been a dangerous temptation. So really, Cathy thought, the best thing to do would be to load them up with a little bit of guilt, get an apology and forget the whole thing ever happened. Cathy would be left with a wonderful memory, her friends would owe her one--whatever that meant--and no one would get hurt.

"And you really are screwing Tony?" Cathy asked Tracy, more to keep the conversation going than because she doubted Tracy 's earlier confession.

"Yeah, usually once a week. Sometimes twice," Tracy said matter-of-factly. "And I give him blow jobs too," she added, although Cathy hadn't really asked. "We have a sort of agreement: if it's that time of the month when we would normally hook up, I suck him off instead." She looked up at Cathy and shrugged. "It's not really something that we negotiated. It just kinda evolved.

"I called to cancel with him once because it was that time and he told me to come over anyway. I figured, hey, they're his sheets! What the hell? But when I got there, he said as long as we couldn't fuck, we might as well do something else..." Tracy shook her head. "I told him I wasn't into that, and he said okay and I figured that was that. When I went the following week, he wasn't home. I talked to him the next day and asked where he was. He didn't really say, but he pretty much implied that if he couldn't count on me, rain or shine, then why should I be able to count on him?

"I think he thought he was being subtle," Tracy said with a disgusted laugh. "Subtle or not, he got his point across. I went over there that night and sucked him off twice. And yes, he did tell me he wanted me to swallow," she said, looking at Cathy.

"The next night he fucked me doggie style for nearly an hour and I came four times. So now," Tracy said with slight twist of a smile, "when he wants me to suck him off, he gets sucked off. It's usually only when my period interferes with our normal times though," she added.

Cathy nodded absently. Tracy 's story was probably still missing a key detail somewhere. Women in their mid-tolate-thirties with husbands and families to think about didn't just go fuck twenty-three year old studs on a whim. And the idea that she was gladly blowing him--something she claimed she didn't like to do--just because he was a good lay was a bit suspicious too. Neither of their stories really added up.

"So," Cathy turned back to Trish, "you finally caved and went down on Ed?"

"Yeah," Trish said, sounding resigned. "He just wouldn't back off on it." She shrugged. "What could I do?"

Cathy looked straight into Trish's eyes. For a moment Trish returned her gaze, then looked away.

"What happened to it being a special thing?" Cathy asked. "About not wanting to do it just because he got horny listening to the girls talk about it?"

Hadn't she also said she swallowed? And now Ed expected that? Cathy wasn't buying it. Trish wouldn't suddenly decide to do something like that. Especially if Ed had to badger her into giving a blow job. A blow job he only wanted because the kids at the store were talking about it?

No, Cathy was pretty sure that there was some serious bullshit in Trish's story. Maybe some outright lies.

"Well," Trish was answering, "you just don't understand how persistent he was." But even as she said the words, Trish must have realized how hollow and unconvincing they sounded.

"Oh, just tell her already!" Tracy cried suddenly. "Ed made her do it! Because of Tony! "She got caught and now he's making her pay!" Tracy laughed.

Trish was making gestures to silence Tracy , Cathy noticed. Whatever it was, Tracy already knew about it. And Trish was not in a hurry for Cathy to be in on it too.

"What?" Tracy asked. "What's the big deal if she knows?" Tracy indicated Cathy with a nod of her head. "She's already in on this anyway."

In on this? Cathy wasn't sure what that meant, but didn't care for how it sounded. She felt like an accomplice to a crime.

"Start by telling her about Margaret," Tracy suggested. Cathy looked at Tracy , then at Trish, confused. Hadn't she already been told about Margaret? Had they been lying about that? Embellishing? Or, as Cathy had suspected about some of their other explanations, had some key information been withheld?

"Just tell her!" Tracy urged Trish. "If you don't, I will."

"Okay, okay!" Trish snapped back defensively. "I don't think it's a good idea, but I will." She looked at Cathy. "No offense, Cath, but the more people who know, the more likely it is to... well, just trust me that the fewer, the better."

"Just tell her already!" Tracy prodded.

"Okay, the whole Margaret thing didn't just happen," Trish began. "I mean, she did talk to Tony and Tony was always very nice to her. And he's pretty charming. Or maybe smooth is the better word. Anyway, I noticed how Margaret always got a little giggly--like a damn school girl--when she was talking to him. So one day I said to Tony that he shouldn't toy with her like that. He said something like, 'Who's toying? I'd hit that.' We both laughed but then he said that he really could get her if he wanted to.

"Now I know that she got a little silly around him," Trish continued. "But she's a middle aged woman getting some attention from a hunky young guy. And I figured that's all it was and Tony was a little too cocky or hopelessly naive if he thought that meant she'd actually do anything with him. I told him so and he asked if I wanted to bet him. Like I said, I thought I had a pretty good take on the situation and he seemed full of shit, so we bet a hundred dollars. Keep in mind, he only makes about four hundred a week, okay?"

"You bet your stock boy a hundred dollars that he couldn't get into Margaret's pants?" Cathy asked in disbelief. "And he won?"

"Well, yeah," Trish conceded. "We had one other thing to work out. How could we verify that he had? That's when we decided on the surveillance cameras. He did say that if he had to get her to do it in the store, he wanted better than one-to-one odds. I said okay and gave him two-to-one." She shrugged. "At the time I thought it was easy money.

"You pretty much know the rest of the story," Trish went on. "It was a bit more planned than I told you. In fact, it was about two months from the time we made the bet. I kept telling him he should just forget it and give me the money. Then one day he said it was all set up. He was going to nail her right after doing inventory on Sunday. He called my cell when Ed left, told me where he was going to take her and to have the cash ready.

"On the one hand, I really didn't know if I could believe him. I mean, I thought maybe he was probably going to wind up getting slapped or something. On the other hand, I was thinking it would be well worth the two hundred bucks to watch Margaret fuck him." Trish gave a little shiver of excitement.

"That's how I came to be sitting in front of the monitor watching them. The next day Tony came up to me to get his money and he said he wanted to see it. I gave him the cash and played dumb. 'See what?' I asked him. 'The video,' he said. I guess it was a no-brainer that I'd tape it, but I hadn't thought that far ahead. I told him to meet me in the office the next day after five. Everyone would be gone except the girls out on the floor and Ed was going to be out on business, so it was as good a time as any.

"Well, we watched the tape together and it was hot," Trish said, adding a "mmm" for emphasis. "I had already taken it home and masturbated watching it once." Her shoulders gave another involuntary shimmy. "I could see Tony getting hard through his pants--damn, that boy has a big dick! Anyway, we got done watching it and he says to me, 'So who do you want to see next?' It took me a minute to get it, but he was basically saying he could bring girls in the back and let me tape him fucking them. I had just gotten off watching him fuck Margaret. The idea of seeing him with one of those cute little things was just too much of a temptation."

Cathy sat mesmerized by the story. This time she didn't feel like Trish was leaving out any important pieces of information. This sounded like the whole story finally. But the whole thing was stunning. Almost incredible.

"I told him Amanda," Trish continued. "But he told me she wouldn't fuck. She only gave blow jobs. I asked him how he knew, but he just smiled. So I said I'd still give him fifty bucks to see that. He was able to set that up in a couple days. It was much easier than with Margaret, who was almost never in the place after hours. The register girls though are in the store until nine, so it was no problem for Tony to set up a rendezvous.

"What he said to her, how he arranged it, he never told me," Trish said, and Cathy thought she heard disappointment in Trish's voice. "I know he's a smooth talker, arrogant and, well, pretty goddamn good-looking and all. But I was still surprised that it only took a couple days to line it up. Of course, he knew that she only gave blow jobs and he could very well have known that first-hand." Trish shrugged.

"So I sat there in front of the video monitor as he met Amanda in the back. You know who Amanda is?" Trish asked. Cathy wasn't sure and shook her head. "She was the cute little blonde girl, skinny with really big tits? Like 36D's or maybe even bigger?" Cathy remembered a thin, large breasted girl with blonde hair, but only vaguely. It didn't really matter. She nodded just so Trish would continue.

"Really, I picked her because I wanted to see those big tits of hers bouncing around while he nailed her. But watching them bounce around while she gave a blow job wasn't too bad either!" Trish laughed, looking at Cathy. But Cathy was still a little too out of sorts still to see the humor in Trish's comment.

"So he brings her back to where the camera is and I see her take a look around, making sure they were alone. Then, no kissing, no groping, no nothing, she gets down on her knees, he takes it out and she goes to town on it!" Trish gave a how-bout-that smile to Cathy. "She didn't have much technique," Trish laughed, "but she sure had a lot of energy. She just kept bobbing on him and bobbing on him. No licking or caressing or anything else, just bobbing away like a sewing machine. With her technique—or lack of—I didn't think he was ever going to cum. But finally, I saw him push his hips forward and she stopped bobbing and I knew he was cumming in her mouth. I was so turned on watching them!

"And you have to remember," Trish said, looking at Cathy "This is a surveillance camera. The picture is pretty crummy. I couldn't see the expressions on their faces, I couldn't see details. But it was so hot! I was sitting there watching a girl give a blow job right there in real time. Not a tape or internet porn. That girl was on her knees fifty feet away with a cock in her mouth! Damn, I get turned on just thinking about it." Another shake of her shoulders.

"Anyway, it got to be a regular thing, Tony bringing girls in the back and letting me watch. Mostly they were blow jobs. That was easier for him to set up and the girls all seem to be more willing to suck cock than fuck. From the start I found the blow jobs hotter. I guess 'cause it was, I don't know, a slutty thing to me. Something I didn't do. So it was exciting to see these girls give head so willingly. Maybe it was no big deal to them, I don't know. But to me, well, you know how I feel about it. I wouldn't choose that over sex. I guess I was turned on by how willing these girls were to do something that I thought of as slutty or dirty. No offense, Cath," Trish quickly added.

Cathy waved it away, taking no offense at Trish's remark anyway. She had long ago come to realize that there were women who loved it and women who hated it. And Cathy always figured that she was one of the lucky ones.

"So after another girl or two," Trish went on, "I decided that the surveillance camera wasn't cutting it. I went out and got a really good digital video camera and had Tony hide it in the back near where he brought the girls. I still had to watch the live action on the surveillance camera, of course. But afterward I would play back the video, and damn! I couldn't believe how good it was! I had gotten so used to that crappy picture that this looked like high-def!

"The first one we got with that camera was Suzy," Trish said, taking a deep breath as she recalled the story. "She was tall, almost as tall as Tony, long, straight black hair. Thin, nice hips and small boobs. I picked her because she had a wholesome look about her. She seemed young and innocent and I wanted to see if Tony could get a nice, sweet girl like that on her knees." Trish took another deep breath and sighed slightly.

"Well, he could and he did and boy was I surprised!" Trish gave Cathy an emphatic look. "She seemed sweet and innocent, but that girl gave some pretty good head. She deep throated him, licked his balls, rubbed his cock all over her face and mmmm! You could just tell how much she was loving it. Even on the security camera picture! Afterwards, when I got to watch what was on the new camera... Oh, damn! I almost masturbated right there in the office! It was so incredible! You should have seen how.... well, hell, I ought to just show it to you. Wanna see?"

Cathy blinked. She was a bit overwhelmed by Trish's story. She had never imagined that her friend was involved in something extramarital at all, let alone a complex--and incredibly risque--situation like this. It took a moment for her to realize that Trish was offering to show her this video, shot in her store, of one of her cashiers giving the hunky stock boy a blow job.

"You've been taping Tony and the girls from your store? Having sex in the back room?" Cathy asked. It wasn't really a question. Trish had been very clear on the matter. It was more a request for Trish to confirm it.

"Mostly just blow jobs," Trish corrected. "But yeah, that's pretty much the gist of it."

"And Ed found out?" Cathy couldn't put these two pieces together. Ed couldn't have used that to get Trish to go down on him, could he? What Trish was doing was wrong, sure, but Cathy couldn't see how Ed would have parlayed it into a blow job. There was still something missing.

"Well, yeah, Ed found out, sort of," Trish conceded. "But not about the girls and the video tapes. Don't you want to see the one of Suzy? It really is friggin' hot!"

As much as Cathy did want to see it, she realized that Trish was still holding something back. And Cathy wanted to know what that was more than she wanted to see the video. Besides, once Trish came clean, they could always watch the tape.

"So Ed found out," repeated Cathy. "But not about the girls and the videos?" She frowned, confused. "So what did he find out about?"

"This is my favorite part!" Tracy laughed. "Go on! Tell her!" Trish shot her a look.

"Yeah, well, I think you know what my favorite part of the story is, honey!" Trish gave Tracy a curt nod and the laughter subsided.

"Okay, well, the whole thing started off on a cash basis, right?" Trish explained. "I started out giving Tony fifty bucks for each bj and a hundred for fucking. And I really made out on this deal," Trish said in an aside. "I liked watching the blow jobs better anyway.

"So we have this deal going and it's like two or three times a month that he's hooking up with these girls, so that's a hundred, hundred and fifty dollars extra a month in his pocket. You'd think that would be more than enough, right? Well, I wound up giving him copies of the videos too. Of course I made him promise not to put them out on the internet. I don't think he would. He's not that type, but I've no way of knowing for sure." Trish shrugged and paused for a long moment.

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