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The next day Cathy got a phone call from Tracy.

"Hey," she said, "don't let Trish freak you out. She's uh, a little too into it sometimes. You know? She forgets that this is a pretty freakin' wild set-up she's got and it's not so easy to just jump right in."

"Did you?" Cathy asked. Tracy had always seemed rather sensible and normal to Cathy. The idea that she was involved in this with Trish confused Cathy. If it had only been Trish, Cathy would not have been so tempted. But with Tracy being involved, it made it seem somehow more acceptable. Marginally so, anyway.

"It took some time," Tracy replied. "I guess if I was satisfied at home though, I never would have been tempted in the first place. What Trish did was make me aware of how much I still wanted it."

"Yeah," Cathy agreed. Her own experience with Tony had only come about because there was something missing in her sex life.

"Anyway, don't lose sight of that," Tracy went on. "I know she comes on strong, but I really meant it yesterday when I said I was getting the best sex of my life." There was a long pause. Cathy felt compelled to say something, but had no idea what.

"I really did get off on it," Cathy said at last. "Giving him that blow job. I can't believe that I didn't remember how much I liked--no loved--doing it."

"Yeah, that's kinda my point," Tracy said. "We're missing things that we shouldn't be. We're doing without things that were once so important to us." There was another short pause.

"You know," Tracy continued, "when my kids were little, I didn't have time to notice. But once they were all in school full time, well, I've started feeling like things were missing. At first I thought it was the kids themselves I was missing. And I guess I was to a large extent. But I also started realizing that the kids distracted me from noticing the other things that I didn't have anymore. I guess when Trish started showing me those videos, I was already well aware that I needed something more. I have to admit though, I wouldn't have ever guessed I'd get mixed up in a thing like this!" She laughed.

"That's just it," Cathy told her. "If it was just a little something on the side that we were talking about, I probably would. At least--I mean, I know I already did it and all. But that would be, well, I won't say normal. But at least not so... so... involved," Cathy couldn't put her finger on the right words. She knew what she meant, but couldn't think of a way to express it to Tracy .

"I understand," said Tracy . "The whole thing freaked me out a bit at first too. But the reason I still do it is that you can't get all of this just from an affair or a fling. Yeah, it's a bit over the top and all, but now that I've gotten used to that, I live in a state of constant sexual turn on. If I'm not over at Tony's getting laid, I'm watching the videos and masturbating. I mean, you know how I feel about giving blow jobs, right? And I'm doing it anyway because the whole thing is such a mind-blowing turn on that I can live with a minor inconvenience once in a while to keep it going."

Cathy realized that Tracy was, in her own way, pushing Cathy as much as Trish had. Why did either one of them really care if Cathy was in on their games or not? Cathy wasn't going to spill the beans, obviously. She had been filmed giving a blow job, so Trish and Tracy didn't have to worry about that.

If the whole thing was so great, why did they need to get Cathy in on it? It would continue to be awesome without her, right? She said as much to Tracy .

"Well," Tracy replied. "For Trish I think it really is an obsession. She's obsessed with blow jobs. Watching them, not giving them, that is. Every girl that works in her store she wants to tape and anyone else she can get as well. You were quite a lucky find for her," Tracy added.

"Anyway, you, me and Margaret are the only ones besides her cashiers that she's gotten so far. I think she's said something to Amy and maybe even Kim and Janet, but I don't know how far she's willing to go. But she really does want to get anyone she can on tape. She's really obsessed with it."

"What about you?" Cathy asked.

"Me? I think that I just want to have someone with me who isn't obsessed. Who makes it feel okay to keep doing it, because I really do want to keep doing it. But, I don't know," Tracy paused a moment. "I don't relate to Trish's obsession, but I don't want to walk away. I guess I thought if someone else, someone who would have fun like me, got in on it, it might seem a little more, I don't know, reasonable?" Cathy could almost hear Tracy shrug over the phone.

The words rang true in Cathy's ears. She could see that Trish was a little scary with the whole set-up. But Tracy was only in it to get a missing piece of her life back. She didn't want to get caught up in the obsessive part. And how to keep the situation feeling normal enough not to scare her away? Bring in a friend, extra ballast to keep things from getting too far out of line.

Tracy needed a friend that would help her rationalize it.

Before this call, Cathy was pretty sure that she was going to say no to Trish. She wasn't going to let anyone make videos of her sucking cock, no matter how good her orgasms were, no matter how much she missed the feel of a man inside her mouth.

But now, well... Tracy seemed almost to be pleading with her. And it wasn't like Cathy hadn't been tempted anyway. The thought of having Tony in her mouth again was a powerful incentive in itself. The videos too, were enticing. She had been so close yesterday to giving in. Now Tracy was asking Cathy to do it so she wouldn't feel so alone.

"Anybody home right now?" Cathy asked her.

"No, not for about two more hours," Tracy replied. "Why?"

"Do you have any videos?"

"Uh, yeah," Tracy said with a slight hesitation.

"I'm on my way over. I want to see more before I make up my mind." Cathy hung up the phone and thought for a moment. Was she going to do this? She still wasn't sure, but she was insatiably curious about seeing more of the videos. At least she had an excuse to see what she wanted to see and still not commit herself.

* * * * *

Twenty minutes later Tracy was leading Cathy to her computer. Tracy had brought in another chair so they could both sit. The video on the screen was the one of Trish that they had started to watch the day before. Cathy was surprised.

"Trish gave you copies of herself?" Cathy asked.

"Oh, sure," Tracy said as if it was no big deal. "We've both seen each other plenty of times. I haven't seen you yet," Tracy added, "but only because Trish hasn't burned a copy of it yet."

"You would watch it?" Cathy was wondering why Tracy had seemed sensible and normal on the phone just minutes ago. Tracy nodded. "You would want to see me giving a blow job?"

"Sure! That's part of the fun!" Tracy explained with a smile. "It really is pretty erotic watching your friends suck cock. I like the ones of me too. Trish is right about that: you don't have to like it to like watching yourself do it."

Cathy just blinked, dumbfounded. Tracy didn't sound any different than Trish when she talked that way.

"Oh, come on!" Tracy cajoled. "Watch this one of Trish. It's actually pretty hot. If you didn't know her, you'd think she was some kind of ravenous cocksucking slut!" Tracy laughed.

A lot of thoughts and emotions were warring in Cathy as she sat down in front of the monitor. But whatever uncertainties and misgivings there were in her head, they were overridden by her voyeuristic desire to see the video. Once again she felt a tingling between her legs.

Tracy hit play and they both sat back and watched. Cathy wondered as she watched the beginning again if Trish was really as reluctant as she would have Tony believe. Then they were to the point where Cathy had stopped it the day before. Cathy's breath caught involuntarily as she watched Trish's lips close over the head of Tony's cock.

"Oh my," Cathy breathed as she watched Trish, eyes closed, move her lips slowly down the shaft and back up again. It shouldn't have been so surprising. They had been talking about it quite a bit and Cathy had seen the beginning of this very video yesterday. Still, it was quite something to watch--actually watch--Trish suck that big cock. This wasn't a stranger or a porn actress. This was Trish! Trish with a man's cock in her mouth!

"Oh, Trish," Tony was teasing Trish from behind the camera. "Guess what I see?" Trish pulled back.

"Fuck you," she replied, almost casually, and then slipped him back into her mouth.

"Don't you mean suck you?" he laughed. She ignored him and continued her slow, sensual sucking. "I see one," Tony persisted. "Yeah, I see a cocksucker, right here on her knees." The camera shifted to Trish's lower body as if to show she was in fact on her knees. Then it panned back up and zoomed in on her lips.

"You're an asshole," she said between sucks.

"You're going to swallow my cum," he countered. She looked up at him with what might have been a glare. If it was a glare, it didn't stop her from sucking him.

Abruptly, the scene switched. The camera was now beside them, capturing Trish's face in profile. Cathy felt her panties getting wet as she watched the action from this new angle. It made it much easier to see how Tony's girth stretched Trish's mouth wide and how much of him she was able to take in.

Trish had her hands in her lap now. For all of her back and forth with Tony, she now looked like an obedient cocksucker. She continued at a steady pace for a while, then took hold of his shaft and began sucking faster.

Again, the camera angle changed, this time catching a three-quarter profile of her. It was just like Trish had said. Seeing everything from one angle was like watching a black-and-white television. Cathy realized that her hand had crept up to her breast and was massaging her nipple through her shirt and bra. She quickly pulled it away, but not before Tracy saw her.

"Yeah, I know," Tracy said. "I do the same thing. I can't wait for you to go home so I can watch it again with my vibrator!"

Cathy found herself in complete agreement. Watching this tape was making her so wet and hot that she had to have some release. She looked at her watch. She would probably not have time to do anything before the kids got home. But tomorrow morning she was going to treat herself to a good fingering.

The video went on for several more minutes showing Trish from a couple more angles. Cathy didn't know if she'd necessarily call Trish's sucking 'eager', but certainly to anyone watching this tape, she seemed a very willing cocksucker.

"Oh God, I'm getting close," Tony panted. "I'm gonna cum right in your mouth! Ahh, damn. I'm gonna cum," he paused, breathing heavy, his hips rocking forward in to meet Trish's lips. "Ahhh, and you're going to swallow it all. Every drop" Cathy expected some feistiness from Trish, but it didn't happen.

"Mmmm hmmm," Trish moaned without taking his cock from her mouth. "Mmmm hmmmmmm."

Then Tony let out a long, low moan and Trish's pace faltered slightly, her brow creasing as he ejaculated in her mouth. She sucked a moment or two longer, then sat back on her heels. Cathy could see Trish's mouth and throat working as she swallowed Tony's offering.

"You missed some," Tony informed her and he squeezed a large glistening bead out of the head of his cock. Trish leaned forward and licked it away. The camera was close enough for Cathy to see it on her tongue before it was whisked away.

"I love watching you swallow my cum," Tony told her. Again, Cathy expected some comeback, but Trish said nothing. "I think you're starting to like it too," he added after a pause. Trish shook her head and started to climb to her feet and the video ended.

"God that's hot, isn't it?" Tracy asked Cathy. "That was soo hot that I almost want to suck his cock and feel him cum in my mouth!"

"Yeah, that's pretty hot," Cathy agreed.

"You want to blow him again?" Tracy asked. Cathy nodded.

"That was never in question," Cathy said with a slight smile. "Having that nice big shaft of his in my mouth was incredible. The question really, is would I do it again." She shrugged. "I mean, if he were in the next room right now, I'd be on my knees in a heartbeat. But the whole premeditated thing, you know, setting it up in advance, going over there. It's not very spontaneous. It's kinda calculating. I don't know if I'm okay with that yet."

"Tell you what," Tracy said, digging into a bottom drawer of a file cabinet. "Take this home," she retrieved a disk from the drawer and handed it to Cathy. "Watch it tomorrow morning. I think Trish said Tony was free at lunch tomorrow. If it gets you in the mood, call me--or call her--and he's yours for the taking."

Cathy took the disk from Tracy and looked at it. There was nothing written on it. She looked up at Tracy for an explanation.

"It's one of me," Tracy said with a slightly embarrassed smile. "You'll like it. I think it's a lot hotter than Trish's." Tracy nodded her head toward the monitor. "Now get out of here and enjoy!"

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