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"Make the call," Cathy said into the phone as she tried to keep her hands from shaking. She couldn't decide if the tremors were from being nervous or from excitement. Equal measures of both coursed through her veins.

"Really?" Tracy asked on the other end of the line.


"I guess that video was pretty good, huh?" Tracy joked. Cathy laughed. It was a nervous laugh, but a sincere one.

"Oh yeah," she told Tracy . "If I had a dick, I'd want you to suck it!" She laughed again and Tracy joined her.

"It's my lips," Tracy said. "I dated this dick weed in college who told me that I had blow job lips. I guess he thought that was a smooth way to try to get me to go down on him. Well, obviously that idiot didn't stand a chance. But watching the videos, now I see what that tactless little twit meant."

"Yeah," Cathy agreed. "You looked incredible! And yeah, your lips..." Cathy wasn't sure what exactly she should say. Tracy 's lips were full and red and, even as they stretched around a shaft as big as Tony's, they looked so supple and juicy. But there was no way Cathy could bring herself to say anything like that to her friend.

Cathy had watched the video on the disk Tracy had given her three times in a row and was so wet and horny now that she couldn't stand it. She had watched and re-watched the moment when he came in her mouth countless times. Cathy felt a yearning to have that cock erupt in her mouth as she watched Tracy 's face react to the semen shooting into hers.

Cathy would have masturbated, but the idea of cumming with a thick cock in her mouth was far more appealing. The thought of tasting that salty explosion as she reached her own zenith had turned her pussy into a warm, dripping mess. She had reached for the phone with almost no hesitation.

Still, she had to hurry before she came to her senses. If she was going to once again act irresponsibly, it was best done in the heat of the moment.

It actually had been easier for her to go for it the first time. Then, Cathy had thought she was just giving some hot young stud a blow job. It was a little more involved now. The way Trish had everything arranged made it seem so sinister. And the idea of there being yet another video of her still didn't sit well with Cathy.

Of course, having seen videos of Trish and Tracy made that seem like less of a big deal. She had been mortified at the thought just a couple days ago, but now, well... So what if Trish got her rocks off watching? Cathy had seen her sucking a cock too. And she also found she was getting excited about the idea of watching herself in action.

"Did you notice how I moaned when he called me a cocksucker?" Tracy was asking, snapping Cathy's attention back to the present. "That wasn't fake. It actually makes my pussy tingle when he calls me that. I don't know what it is, but when I have it in my mouth and he says that... Mmm! Damn! I'm getting a little wet just thinking about it!"

Cathy remembered exactly the part of the video Tracy was talking about. She had noticed Tracy 's reaction and had been pretty sure it was genuine. Watching Tracy , Cathy had trouble believing that Tracy didn't like giving blow jobs. It certainly hadn't seemed that way.

"You're starting to like it now, aren't you?" Cathy asked her.

"No, not exactly," Tracy answered. "Certain aspects of it, yes. Like that dirty girl feeling that I get when he calls me a cocksucker. And the videos, obviously," she added quickly. "After that, well, I do like getting down on my knees, face to face with his hard cock. Dirty girl factor again, I guess." Tracy paused and Cathy waited patiently for her to continue.

"I guess I also like being on my knees for it 'cause it makes it that much better when he calls me a cocksucker, you know?" Tracy gave a short laugh. "And when I'm down there looking right at it, there's this tingle of anticipation, you know?" Cathy did know, but wanted to hear Tracy 's take on it, so she didn't say anything. "I mean, it's a cock, right there in my face and I'm about to suck it. That's better than the actual sucking to me. Knowing I'm about to. That I'm going to drive him crazy and get him off. I think that might actually be more stimulating than doing it. For me, at least," Tracy added, no doubt aware that Cathy would beg to differ.

Cathy knew exactly what Tracy meant. She had very similar feelings, if not necessarily for the same reasons. Being called a cocksucker for her wasn't about being dirty or slutty. It was about being a cocksucker. Cathy was a cocksucker and loved what that meant--that she loved sucking cock.

Being on her knees was also hot for her, but again, not for the same reasons as Tracy . For Cathy, it was all about submission. Not that she was sexually submissive. At least, she didn't think she was. But when it came to giving a blow job, for Cathy it was all about giving herself completely to the man's pleasure. In getting on her knees, she was bowing to the power of his cock, worshipping it and conveying to him that at that moment, it was the most significant thing in the universe. A good blow job, Cathy knew, wasn't just about physical pleasure.

"Yeah," Cathy replied, still musing about what made it so special for her. "I know exactly what you mean." She didn't bother to explain the differences. "Now make the call. I need it. I really, really need it!"

"Damn, woman!" Tracy laughed. "I've never heard of needing to suck one so bad before! I'll call you right back."

* * * * *

At 12:15 Cathy was sitting in her car in front of Tony's apartment. She was nervous and excited to the point she was virtually buzzing like a high voltage line. Any trepidation she still felt about the likelihood of this rendezvous being recorded was drowned out by the ache to feel him in her mouth; to cum with her lips stretched around his pulsing erection.

It was funny, Cathy realized as she hurried up to the door. She had told Trish just a couple weeks ago how it was the man, not the cock that made it so good for her. Trish had asked if she was sure and at the time, Cathy had been. Now, though, it seemed as though Cathy had been quite wrong.

As she rang the doorbell, her pulse racing, she was sure of that. She didn't know Tony well or care much about him. But he had a big cock that he wanted Cathy to suck. And that was good enough for her.

That wasn't necessarily a revelation. Cathy may have been in some sort of denial about it, even as far back as her college boyfriend, Tommy. At some level she was aware of it, but until this situation had arisen, there was no reason to open that closet.

Now that she had, she wondered just where it would stop. Would Tony become a regular part of her routine? Would Tony be the extent of her indiscretions? Cathy could easily see herself losing her grip on her well-ordered life in favor of this kind of excitement. The idea that she might consider other men, other situations at once scared and stimulated her.

The door in front of her opened, dispelling her musings. Tony stood before her in jeans and a tight, navy blue tee shirt. She could see his muscular outline of his chest through it. His shoulders were fairly broad, but not overly so. They tapered to his waist. His arms were also muscular, but not in a body builder way. He had the ropy, solid muscles of a man who did physical work all day. He was definitely a sexy guy, Cathy knew. But none of that was really relevant to her at this point.

"Hi," he said to her. He was flashing her a rather charming smile, but that didn't matter either.

"Hi," Cathy replied with a little smile of her own. She was hoping this would be just like last time. No small talk, no beating around the bush. She was still hot from watching the video of Tracy and the anticipation of what she was about to do.

"Come on in," Tony said, leading her up the steps. "So you really get into giving blow jobs, huh?" he asked as they reached his living room. Cathy just smiled and nodded. She could see there was a bulge in the front of his pants. She didn't want to talk about it--she wanted to do it. Tony wasn't in so big a hurry though.

"Funny," he went on, oblivious to the urgency that Cathy felt. "The other ones, Trish and Tracy, they aren't into it at all. In fact, it's kinda fun to make them do it, just because of that."

He shrugged and offered her a drink. She declined. She wanted to tell him that the only thing she wanted to drink was what she sucked out of his cock, but she couldn't bring herself to say it.

"The girls at the store, well," Tony went on, "half of them are virgins, so all they will do is give blow jobs. The other ones, well, they might fuck a guy they were really into, but they'd blow just about anybody. It's just so different.

"Trish really hates it when I cum in her mouth," he laughed. "So I try not to get laid or anything for, like, as long as I can before, you know? Then I can shoot a really big wad in her mouth and watch her make that face! It's priceless. Did she tell you that the first time she swallowed my load, she got sick?" He looked at Cathy, but if he was hoping for a reaction, he didn't get it. She hardly heard his words. Her mind was only thinking about one thing.

"But you, you want me to cum in your mouth, don't you?" he said, perhaps realizing that talking was not why she was there. "You wanna get on with it, huh? Damn!" he exclaimed when Cathy nodded. "You really do, don't you?"

She stepped up to him, relishing his masculine aroma, and began kissing her way down his chest. She lowered herself to her knees as she kissed. When she was face to face with his belt, she put her hands on her thighs and looked up at him, obedient and subservient.

"Take it out, Tony," she said softly. "Take it out and let me show you how much I want to suck your cock."

Tony seemed to be in no hurry. He looked down at Cathy and smiled.

"You really want it, don't you?" he asked, grinning like an idiot.

"Come on, Tony," Cathy breathed. "Let me have it. Let me suck it."

"Anticipation," Tony said slowly. "Is a fucking wonderful thing." He reached for his belt and Cathy felt her heart rate quicken. The moment she craved was here at last. Then he took his hand away.

"What was I thinking?" he asked. Cathy could see plainly enough that he was toying with her. It was no different than his exchanges with Trish. She didn't want to do it, so he couldn't wait to stick it in her mouth and make her feel like a slutty cocksucker. Cathy, on the other hand, couldn't wait to have him in her mouth, so he took his sweet old time.

"I forgot the camera!" he exclaimed, feigning distress. "God, Trish would kick my ass if I didn't tape this!"

Cathy watched in frustration as his crotch retreated from her. She heard what he said and understood what he meant and she didn't care. She had had him right in front of her. She could almost smell the precum squeezing from that gorgeous cock head. Then he had walked away.

On one level, Cathy understood that he was playing head games, taunting her for wanting him so badly. At the same time, Cathy had no patience. She wanted what she wanted and she didn't care to be made to wait. She watched impatiently as he walked to the kitchen table and picked up a small video camera. For a guy about to get his cock sucked, Cathy thought, he didn't seem to be in much of a hurry.

He pointed the camera at Cathy, keeping his eyes on the display screen. He panned it up and down her as she knelt on the floor.

"You like sucking cock, don't you?" he asked. Cathy didn't really want this on tape, but she knew that was part of the game. If it would speed things along so they could get to the actual deed, then she'd play along.

"Yes," she answered, trying unsuccessfully to look up at the camera. "I love it." She wanted to flash a big sexy smile, but felt too self-conscious to pull it off.

"Why?" Tony asked.

"I don't know," Cathy answered. "Why don't you let me show you and you decide?"

"Do you like it when a man cums in your mouth?" he persisted.

"Yes," she said softly, hoping it sounded sexy and alluring and encouraged Tony to move things along. "Do you want to cum in my mouth?"

"Oh, yeah," Tony answered. "I wanna cum in your mouth alright." Finally his hand moved to his belt and unfastened it. "Are you gonna swallow it?" he asked as he pulled his belt off.

"Every drop," she assured him. "Let me show you." At last he stepped up to her and she could clearly see the outline of his shaft straining against the fabric of his jeans. A surge of heat erupted between her legs as he set down the camera and undid his pants. As he slid his pants down, his large, erect cock popped free. Cathy felt a soft, involuntary moan of delight slip out of her.

Now that he was exposed to her, it took every bit of her self control not to pounce on him and start sucking wildly. As big a hurry as she had been in a moment ago, she now found herself wanting to savor the anticipation as much as Tony had.

With her hands still on her thighs, she closed her eyes and leaned forward, rubbing her cheek against his erection. She rubbed her way softly and slowly down his shaft, burying her nose in the soft pubic hair at the base. She breathed deeply, relishing the masculine aroma. She placed a couple gentle kisses on his balls and then rubbed him on her face again as she came back up. Reaching the tip, she gently licked away a bead of precum.

Cathy opened her mouth and took the bulbous head of his cock into her mouth. As her lips closed around it, she instantly felt a surge of warmth in her pussy, almost like an electric shock. She let her tongue dance on the underside of his head for a moment, then inched slowly down his throbbing member.

Then, taking a page from Tony's game of teasing, Cathy came back up and let him slip from her mouth.

"You like getting a blow job from a woman, don't you?" she asked him in a husky voice.

"Oh, God yeah," he moaned in reply.

"I'm not talking about those little tarts that suck your cock in the back of the store," Cathy said, giving him a long lick down the underside of his shaft. "I'm talking about a real woman." She popped his head back in her mouth for a few seconds.

"You like it when Tracy sucks your cock, don't you?" Again he moaned his assent. "Yeah, I bet you like it. You like the idea of older women, don't you? Getting down on their knees and taking you in their mouths. And you like to see us swallow too, don't you?" She ran her tongue up and down both sides of him and gave him a brief suck before sitting back.

Cathy could see that the tables had turned somewhat and now Tony was the one anxious to get on with it. She wasn't going to make him wait much longer. She wasn't sure how much longer she could wait herself.

"Tony," she said softly, looking up into his eyes. "Do you want me to suck your cock? I'll do it. Do you want to cum in my mouth?" She could see his erection straining toward her, wanting so badly to return to the warmth of her lips and tongue.

"God, yes!" he groaned. But he was smiling a little. He knew that the games were almost over and they were both about to get what they wanted.

"Tony, I want you to fill my mouth with your cum. Oh God I want it," Cathy was not acting. She could feel the anticipation of his eruption all through her body and there was nothing she wanted more at that moment. "And Tony," she added, just as she leaned forward again. "I'm going to swallow every drop."

Finally, Cathy could wait no longer. Tormenting him for a few moments while he stood there erect and yearning was fun, but it was torment for her too. She opened her mouth and took him deep inside, running her tongue along his pulsing vein as she descended. A long, nasal moan escaped from her as she filled her mouth with Tony's impressive cock.

If the first taste had been like an electric shock, this was a lightning storm. Cathy felt shivers rip through her as she pushed her lips down his cock. She paused when he hit the back of her throat and held herself there for a few seconds. It was pure bliss for her to hold him in her mouth and feel him tremble with arousal.

Cathy slowly worked her mouth up and down on Tony's straining member, letting her moistened lips caress and tantalize him. His breathing was heavy, his moans husky.

"Oh, damn, Cathy!" Tony breathed. "You're driving me friggin' crazy! It feels so good to have my cock in your mouth!"

Cathy involuntarily increased her pace, feeling her own orgasm building. She was bobbing steadily, taking in about half of his length each time. With each traverse of her lips, the sensation mounted. When she felt her climax was imminent, she forced herself down on his cock, pressing his head against the back of her throat. As she pushed him into her airway, her orgasm shook her. Her body spasmed with the crescendo in her pussy, yet she held herself down on top of him.

She sat back, panting from both the orgasm and the interruption of her breathing caused by Tony's cock.

"Damn!" Tony exclaimed. "You just came, didn't you?" Cathy nodded, breathless. "Goddam, what a fucking cocksucker you are! You cum just from sucking a cock!"

"Yes," she answered easily. "I came just from having you in my mouth. There's nothing that gets me off as much as sucking does," she said, smiling up at him. "Except maybe when you cum in my mouth."

Cathy opened her mouth and slipped him back inside. She had gotten some much needed release and now it was time to see just what she could do with Tony's sizeable organ.

She pushed her lips down his shaft again, feeling him reach the back of her throat. This time, instead of just pressing him there, she opened her throat and let him slide down it. It wasn't easy. She hadn't done it in a long time, and didn't remember exactly how. Not to mention Tony's thickness was working against her.

But after a moment or two, she did succeed and she felt him push into her throat. She bobbed a couple times before pulling back up to breathe. Then, taking a deep breath, she slid down him, slipped his cock into her throat and went as far down as she could. Even taking him into her throat like that, she still came up an inch short of getting all of him in her mouth.

Before she could attempt to go farther, Tony, apparently very excited at Cathy's deep throating ability, started to thrust himself in and out of her mouth. Cathy had to pull away.

"Easy, big guy," she said with a smile. "I can't breathe with that big thing of yours down my throat." She wiped away some saliva that was dripping down her chin. "You can fuck my throat if you want, but you have to go a little easier. And you have to let me up for air once in a while too."

Tony quickly agreed and a moment later his cock was again sliding down Cathy's throat. He was patient this time, and Cathy was able to let him go at it for thirty seconds or more between breaths.

"You are an incredible cocksucker," he panted as she leaned back to catch her breath. "You took my whole cock down your throat. That was awesome!"

"Did you like that?" Cathy asked, wiping away more dripping saliva.

"Hell yes!" Tony answered.

"Good," Cathy said, wrapping her hand firmly around the base of his rod. "Now you're going to give me what I like."

She held his cock firmly now, slipping it back into her mouth. She moved her mouth up and down his glistening rod a little faster now, working him closer and closer to climax. The hard cock sliding deep into her mouth combined with Tony's moans and encouragement had Cathy close to cumming again as well. Even as she savored every inch of his rod, in the back of her mind she was thinking how incredible it would be to reach her peak as he reached his.

She had experienced this simultaneous climax before and she associated it with some of the most incredible orgasms she ever had while sucking cock. As she got closer and closer, she only hoped that Tony would hold out long enough to allow it to happen.

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