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Cathy felt like a punch-drunk boxer. She was reeling from all that she had heard today and the accompanying emotions. As much as she loved sucking cock and as much as she would like to reprise her performance with Tony, the rest of the situation was completely overwhelming. It was too far removed from anything she could have ever expected for her to decide what to do at this point. She sat there shaking her head mutely, not looking at either of her friends. Her confusion and indecision was certainly apparent to them. After an awkward pause, Trish got up.

"Come on," she said and beckoned them to follow her. Cathy and Tracy followed her downstairs to her office, where she quickly sat at her computer and began clicking away. "You might as well see the one of Suzy. She was such a nice surprise. I mean, the girl looks like she should be in the back row of the church choir. And you talk to her, she's very polite, almost shy. I was, well, not shocked exactly, but close to it, when Tony told me he had her lined up. Here it is."

Trish pushed back from the monitor, allowing Cathy to get a closer look. Tracy let Cathy in front of her. "I've already seen it," she explained.

There on Trish's monitor Cathy saw a deserted aisle in what was obviously the back of Trish's store. As she watched, Tony led a tall, skinny girl into view. They kissed for a few moments and Tony ran his hands over her small breasts and ass a few times. There were a few grunts and moans as they groped and kissed.

Cathy saw immediately what Trish meant about Suzy. She was cute but plain faced. Her high forehead was framed by her straight, dark brown hair. There were freckles on her nose and cheeks. She just had a wholesome look about her that didn't go away, even as Tony's hands cupped her tits and ass.

Cathy watched, mesmerized, as Tony took Suzy's hand and placed it on the bulge in his pants. Cathy almost expected Suzy to snatch her hand back. Instead, the tall girl moaned and started rubbing and squeezing Tony's cock through his pants.

"Oh God, Tony," the girl said, barely audible. "Take it out. Take it out. I can't wait any longer." Tony complied, but he didn't appear to be in any hurry. He was very deliberate as he reached down and undid his belt and pants. Then he paused and looked at her.

"Want me to take it out?" he asked, toying with her.

"Uh huh," she nodded.

"You know you have to be on your knees for me to do that," he said to her. He sounded to Cathy like a parent telling a child they couldn't have dessert before eating dinner. Suzy gave a little giggle and quickly dropped to her knees. She looked up at him, as if to see if this met with his approval.

"Like this?" she asked. Cathy noticed that there was something in the tone of her voice that was playful. Yes, she was being compliant, doing as Tony ordered, but she didn't seem to be completely surrendering. It reflected an inner confidence. This girl was not inexperienced. She knew what she was doing and she was playing along with Tony for her own reasons.

"Yeah, like that," Tony said in a husky voice. "You really want it, don't you?"

"Oh, God, Tony," she begged. "Let me suck it. Put it in my mouth and let me suck it!" To Cathy it was obvious that while Suzy was sincere in her desire, she was also playing it up a bit to turn Tony on. Tony clearly got off on dominating women, standing over them as they knelt, looking down as they sucked his cock. Suzy was doing her best to stroke his ego as well as his cock. It was a little surprising how well she did it, Cathy thought, considering how innocent she looked.

Tony, again being very deliberate, pulled his pants down to mid-thigh, reached into his boxers and pulled out his stiffening shaft. He wasn't quite fully erect yet.

The camera angle was perfect, Cathy noted. Cathy could see Suzy's eyes widen with delight as Tony held out his cock inches from her face. The girl so obviously wanted it, Cathy saw. And Cathy understood perfectly. She was starting to feel a familiar warm sensation between her own legs as she watched. She was aroused partly by the anticipation of watching this girl perform fellatio on him, but also by the vivid memory of her own experience with Tony.

Cathy realized that if she were to be given the opportunity to go down on him again right now, there was almost no way she would refuse. Maybe the idea of cameras rolling would put her off, but otherwise, she couldn't imagine seeing that cock and not getting down on her knees.

She watched as Suzy gave Tony a few preliminary licks. They were slow and deliberate, just as Tony had done to her. It was her turn to toy with him and she was clearly relishing it. Then she took hold of his thick shaft and rubbed him all over her face, leaving trails of saliva and precum across her cheeks, nose and chin. The warmth in Cathy's panties increased and she silently urged Suzy to get on with it; get that cock in her mouth and get sucking. Cathy didn't know if she'd have that kind of patience if she were the one holding that gorgeous piece of meat.

"Want me to put it in my mouth?" Suzy asked coyly. Her hand pumped expertly on his shaft as she spoke. She may have been playing innocent, but this girl knew how to handle a cock.

"Yes," Tony breathed. "Suck it. Suck it good."

"Oh, Tony," she moaned and lowered her lips to engulf him. She put the head in her mouth and paused. Cathy knew by the way Tony reacted that Suzy's tongue was massaging the sensitive skin around the head.

The toying was getting to Cathy. She wanted to see some sucking. She wanted to reach into the screen and push Suzy's head down on Tony's cock. The anticipation had her pussy warm and tingling. She couldn't wait any longer to see that girl's lips stretched as they slid down that rock hard shaft.

Fortunately, Cathy didn't have to wait any longer. With her eyes locked on Tony's, Suzy took her hand from his shaft and started sliding him into her mouth. She slowly descended until more than half of him was inside, then just as slowly she came back up.

Tony's cock glistened where her lips had wet it. The shimmer of saliva on a cock gave Cathy a slight shudder of pleasure. She was enjoying this much more than she would have believed.

Suzy knelt with her hands on her thighs, slowly bobbing up and down on Tony's shaft. Her pace was obviously calculated to drive him crazy and it seemed to be having that effect.

"God, you suck so good," Tony was telling her. "Your lips feel so damn good on my cock. Keep sucking it."

Even as he told her to keep sucking, Suzy paused and began to lick his scrotum. Her tongue worked the delicate area with an experienced, gentle touch, as Tony's moans attested. She only spent a few moments running her tongue under him before taking his rod back into her mouth.

When she resumed sucking, it was deep and fast. Her head bobbed easily as she took in over half of his impressive length each time. Her eyes were closed now as she dutifully sucked him. She took hold of the base of his shaft as she began sucking in earnest. She continued that way for several long minutes and Cathy was expecting Tony to cum at any moment.

Then, with no warning, Suzy let Tony slip from her mouth. His glistening member was standing straight out, as rigid as a cock could be. Suzy sat back on her heels and looked up at him.

"You aren't ready to cum already, are you?" she teased.

"Getting close," Tony admitted. "You're a great cocksucker, Suze," he said as if explaining.

"I want you to cum in my mouth," she told him as she slid her hand down the front of her own pants. "But not just yet." Her fingers reached her pussy and Suzy let out a little squeal and her body gave a slight quiver. "First, I want to cum with that big cock of yours in my throat." She lowered her mouth back over him as she continued to play with herself.

After the first couple inches of Tony's manhood were in her mouth, she reached up with her other hand, took one of his hands and placed it on the back of her head. He needed no further encouragement. With both hands he grabbed the back of her head and drove her down, impaling her throat on his cock. Her hips writhed and bucked as she reached orgasm with Tony's cock deep in her mouth.

Tony held her there for what seemed like forever, Cathy thought. Could the poor girl even breathe? Suzy didn't seem to object though as her body continued to spasm with sexual energy.

When he finally released her, she fell back gasping for breath. Whether it was from not being able to breathe or from the intensity of her climax, Cathy wasn't sure. She seemed to have wanted him to push her down until he blocked her airway. And that's what seemed to have set off her orgasm.

It was awesome to watch, Cathy thought. She wondered if Trish would give her a copy of this even if Cathy didn't want to get involved with this whole situation.

Then Cathy realized that Suzy had cum, and pretty hard too. But Tony was still waiting patiently for his turn. His erection stood stiff as before but now glistening quite nicely. Cathy could almost taste it as she watched Suzy slowly regain her composure and get back to taking care of Tony.

"Okay, it's your turn," Suzy said, looking up at Tony. "Cum in my mouth. I want to suck you so dry it hurts." Her lips parted around his shaft and glided smoothly down, then up again. She moved at a more relaxed pace, letting Tony's climax build slowly, like flood waters behind a dam.

Suzy's slow, deep bobbing was having quite an effect on Tony. Cathy knew that going slowly really killed a guy. It wasn't fast enough to make him cum easily, but it felt so good that they wanted to cum right away. A lesser cocksucker might have picked up the pace when Tony told her to go faster, but Suzy kept the same steady pace. It took almost another five minutes for her sensual ministrations to bring him to the brink.

"Oh, damn! I'm gonna cum!" he panted. "I'm gonna... aahhhhhh!" Just as he leaned his head back and let out that groan, Suzy suddenly started bobbing furiously. Cathy saw a little frown pinch Suzy's brow and knew that Tony's salty hot seed was pumping out into her mouth. She didn't slow down at all though. She sucked fast and furious for several long moments, draining every drop from Tony's quivering member.

She sat back and Cathy could see her adam's apple bob as she swallowed. Then Suzy put him back in her mouth and gently sucked him as he softened. Then she pulled him out, squeezed him until one last glistening drop appeared. With a smile she licked it up and swallowed again.

"Oh, God," Tony was breathing heavy. "You are some goddamn cocksucker, Suze."

"Too bad my break was over five minutes ago," she said as she got to her feet, smiling broadly. "Or I'd suck you off again right now. God, you have such an incredible cock." She leaned down and gave him one last suck before hurrying out of the picture.

The video clip reached it's end and flipped back to the beginning. Trish looked up at Cathy to see her reaction. Cathy was suddenly very self-conscious about how wet she had gotten. She could smell her own muskiness. Could anyone else?

"Well, what did you think of that?" Trish asked, obviously seeing all she needed to see without asking.

"Wow," Cathy said with sigh. "That was, uh... that was pretty impressive." What was she supposed to say? It was hot and had turned her on like crazy? No need to say that. It was written all over her.

"I've got a boatload more of them," Trish said, conspiratorially. "Granted, that is one of the best ones though. Except maybe," she added with a sly grin, "for yours!"

Cathy felt the heat rising in her cheeks again. As turned on as the video had gotten her, there was still something very twisted about the whole thing. And she was still quite resentful of the fact that Trish had had the audacity to surreptitiously record her tryst.

"Stop it!" she snapped at Trish. "I can't believe you did that in the first place! I don't want there to be a tape of me out there... in your hands, Tony's or anybody's. You had no right to do that!" Even as she lashed out, she felt like it was perfunctory. She had to lash out and express her dismay and shock and whatever other emotions she was supposed to feel in this situation.

At the same time, it was like she was standing on ice and could feel herself slipping. She would slip and slide right into whatever Trish and Tracy were doing. If she didn't do so right here and now, Trish could show her another video. Trish could point out register girls to Cathy in the store and ask did Cathy want to see her sucking dick? Trish could tell her that Tony was asking if she was interested in giving him another blow job. She could just keep throwing the temptations out there and how long did Cathy really want to fight them?

Eventually, Cathy would cave in. Watching that video had been, she admitted to herself, quite a thrill. As had been her experience with Tony. Cathy would not say no if Trish offered to put on another video right then. She would also have a tough time saying no if Trish told her Tony was in the next room waiting for her.

"Oh come on," Trish was cajoling her. "No one got hurt by it and you'll have a video of yourself sucking the best cock you're ever likely to get your lips on!" Trish laughed.

"If it's no big deal," Cathy shot back, "let's see one of you!" To her surprise and amazement, Trish just shrugged and said okay. A few clicks of the mouse later and Cathy was staring at the first frame of a new video. She recognized the setting as being Tony's apartment. Trish was visible just entering the picture from the top of the stairs.

"This one is one of the best," Trish said. "And I'm not being immodest. What I mean is--not that I didn't give him quite a good sucking!" she interrupted herself. "What I mean is that we played around a little with camera angles and such. The girls at the store, you see the whole thing from one angle. This one, Tony holds the camera some of the time. Other times he puts it in different places to get me from different angles. It just makes it a bit better than watching me suck away for ten minutes and the scene never changes."

With a click of the mouse, the video started rolling. Trish walked into the scene in jeans and a white blouse, her wavy auburn hair spilling over her shoulders.

"Ready, Trish?" Tony's voice asked as she stood in front of the camera.

"As ready as I'll ever be," Trish replied. She certainly didn't have Suzy's enthusiasm for the task at hand.

"Get down on your knees for me, Trish," Tony said. His tone wasn't commanding or authoritative, but his words seemed to rankle Trish slightly. Nevertheless, she complied, kneeling on the floor and looking up into the camera.

"Here," Tony said and his hand extended into the picture. "Put this in." Cathy couldn't figure out what it was until Trish started pulling her hair back. "We don't want your hair getting in the way," Tony said with a slight laugh. Cathy realized he was handing her a hair band. Trish sat back on her heels, pulled her hair back into a pony tail and put the band in.

Cathy could feel the sexual tension building as Trish put her hair in the pony tail. She was preparing, Cathy told herself, to suck a cock. Not just suck it, but tape herself sucking it. It was getting pretty intense.

Cathy shot a glance at Trish. Trish was watching the monitor, but turned to meet Cathy's eyes. She was clearly not at all embarrassed to show Cathy this video. In a moment, Cathy would be watching a tape of Trish wrapping her lips around a cock and sucking it--while Trish was sitting right next to her!

Cathy wasn't sure why she should feel more uncomfortable than Trish, but she did. Trish was the one they were about to watch give a blow job. Why was Trish unconcerned and Cathy so uptight?

"So, Trish," Tony's voice asked off-camera, "what do you feel like doing today?"

"It's not what I feel like doing, Tony," Trish answered as she finished tucking her hair back. "It's what you feel like having done to you."

It was a strange dynamic between Trish and Tony, Cathy thought. When Cathy gave a blow job, she gave herself up to the act. It was the ultimate bow to the male ego. To get on her knees and take a cock into her mouth. To suck it, be his cocksucker, to make him cum in her mouth and swallow it down, now that was submitting to a man's pleasure.

Nothing about Trish's behavior or words indicated that she was giving herself up for Tony's pleasure. Other than being on her knees, there was little else about her conduct that indicated she cared at all about pleasing him.

Even as Trish conceded that she was going to suck Tony's cock and swallow his cum, there was a complete lack of submission in her attitude. On the one hand, it made the whole thing seemed forced and artificial. On the other hand though, even if Trish wasn't giving in with her attitude, she was giving in with her actions. After all, whether she wanted to or not, she was about to suck a cock.

Maybe that made it even hotter... that Trish was so clearly not into doing it, yet in the end she was compliant. She might not have wanted that cock in her mouth, but she took it anyway. She wasn't exactly being forced to suck it, but she was being exploited.

"Come on Trish," Tony sounded like he was enjoying this build up almost as much as what would follow. "I think you're really starting to like it. Admit it." Trish shook her head.

"No, Tony," she said in flat voice. "If you said right now that I didn't have to do this, I'd get up and leave. And you'd just have to suck your own dick."

"Well, then lucky for me you have to do it," Tony replied. "Who knows?" He laughed. "I keep making you do it and maybe you'll develop a taste for it." He seemed to be delighting in the fact that Trish was not a particularly willing participant.

It occurred to Cathy to wonder how much of that was posturing. Trish had said that she didn't really enjoy the act, but loved to watch herself afterward. So in some sense she wanted to do this, if only to watch it later. Tony, on the other hand, really seemed to take pleasure in the idea that Trish was doing this against her will. Was Trish's resistance just to build up that aspect of it for him?

The camera bounced momentarily as it got closer to Trish. It was now pointed down at her face and the front of Tony's pants was visible at the edge of the picture.

"Well, go get it," Tony said to Trish. "You know you want it." She looked up at him with a look that plainly said she did not want it. But at the same time, her hands went to his belt and undid it. A moment later, she was pulling down his pants.

His big cock sprang out as she did, almost hitting her in the face. Then she had her hand around it and was leaning forward, her mouth open. Cathy couldn't sit here and watch a video of one of her friends giving a blow job. Especially not with that friend sitting right beside her!

Quickly, Cathy grabbed for the mouse and clicked. The video stopped.

"You know, I, I can't... uh, I mean, I don't really want to watch this right now," she tried to explain. Maybe Trish and Tracy were used to watching videos of each other with Tony, but Cathy wasn't. It was too much too soon. "I... think I'm going to go." She hardly heard her friends' protests as she hurried out.

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