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"Twice?" Tracy squealed. "You sucked his dick twice? Oh my God, girl! You're going to wear the poor boy out. Don't forget," she added, "the rest of us still need to use him from time to time!"

Cathy could feel a slight warm flush in her cheeks. She didn't know why. Her description of what had happened had been pretty direct. And Tracy , while obviously enjoying all the details, clearly hadn't been surprised at anything Cathy said. But when Cathy had told Tracy she had had such a good time she had gone back for seconds, that's when Tracy 's eyebrows had shot up.

Why did Cathy feel embarrassed about that? Because it was okay to be a bit greedy about sex, but not about cocksucking? At least not as a woman? Or because she was more or less admitting just how much she craved it?

Cathy had left Tony's apartment and called Tracy from her car. Tracy wanted a full report and offered to meet Cathy at her house. Now, less than an hour since she had left Tony's and with the aftertaste of his cum still in her mouth, Cathy faced her friend across the table and tried to describe the encounter.

It wasn't easy. Tracy simply did not understand what it was like to want to suck cock; to get off on it. And Cathy didn't know how to explain it to her. How do you tell somebody about why you like it when you don't know the reasons yourself?

Cathy loved sucking cock. That was just the way she was wired. Tracy didn't particularly like it--that was how she was wired. It was like trying to explain what appealed to her about the flavor of a favorite food--to a friend who didn't like it, no less. Maybe there was some medical or genetic or other scientific explanation, but not one that mattered in the context of conversation.

Cathy did find this kind of open, direct conversation stimulating though. Even if there was no real way to explain the 'why' of it, she could still enjoy talking about things in an uninhibited fashion.

"So you're going back next week?" Tracy asked.

"We'll see" Cathy replied, noncommittal. She knew damn right well that she couldn't wait to suck that long, thick cock again, but she didn't want to seem too eager. She wasn't sure why that was still important to her. She'd pretty much already told Trish and Tracy how much she loved it.

"You're going," Tracy laughed with a knowing look. Cathy opened her mouth to protest, but Tracy cut her off. "Hey, it's okay." she told Cathy with a grin. "It's not like I would pass on my turn! God, I love it when he grabs my hips and pulls me onto that big, hard thing of his! And you sucked him twice! Twice!" she added. "You love having in your mouth as much as I love it in my pussy!"

"Okay," Cathy said with a smile of her own. "Let's just say that I'm seriously considering it." She tried to look Tracy in the eyes as she spoke, but had to smile and look away.

That second time with Tony had been heaven. She had sucked and sucked and sucked. She had loved every moment of it. She had cum a couple more times with that wonderful cock in her mouth. And when he finally came, it was a much smaller load, but his orgasm was much more intense. He had almost fallen off the sofa, his hips bucking and back arching with the pleasure she provided. Cathy felt herself getting wet again simply thinking about that incredible moment.

"Uh huh," Tracy laughed again. "Are you talking about this afternoon or next week?"

"Okay, okay!" Cathy laughed with her friend. "It was frigging awesome and I can't wait to do it again. Okay?"

"That's the spirit! Now you're one of us!" Tracy said with a smile. That remark made Cathy wonder.

"So what are we?" she asked Tracy .


"You said I was one of you," Cathy said, not really sure where she was going with the question. "So what are we?"

"Good question," Tracy conceded. "I'm not sure. Me? I'm a woman who married a nice guy who just doesn't have a big enough dick to really rock my world. I guess your situation is similar. Your husband is good to you in most ways, but there's something you aren't getting from him." Tracy paused for Cathy's reaction. Cathy nodded, indicating her concurrence.

"Then there's Trish, and I don't know what to call her. The ringleader? She's the one who gets off on making it all happen. Watching everybody else do their thing. Even watching herself." Tracy shrugged. "I think the videos are just a by-product of that. She doesn't want to have sex, she just wants to see other people having sex. Videos are the easiest way."

"Yeah, okay," Cathy said slowly, digesting Tracy 's assessment. "But collectively, what are we?"

"I don't follow."

"Are we some sort of organized sex syndicate? Or are we just some horny wives looking to fill in some needs?"

The two women looked at each other in silence. Cathy was reasonably sure that Tracy knew the answer. They both probably felt like horny wives, but there was clearly much more to it than that. Neither one wanted to necessarily be involved in the bigger picture. That just came with the package.

At the same time, both were benefitting from Trish's clandestine operation. Both knew that that was part of what made the situation as stimulating as it was. Tracy had said as much herself. She could find a guy with a big dick to fuck her, but it wouldn't be the same as what they had through Trish's set up.

"Okay," Tracy said slowly. "Let's say we are a bit more organized than some cheating housewives. So what? Does it make it any more wrong? Or," she added before Cathy could respond, "would it be any less wrong if we were just having affairs?" Cathy shrugged.

"I don't really know what I was getting at," she admitted. "It just seems like we're, I don't know, involved in something that's..." Cathy faltered, unable to conjur up the word that described the situation adequately.

"I think I know what you mean," Tracy admitted. "But," she shrugged, "it is what it is. And it works for me. More than just an affair would." She paused, searching for words.

"I never cheated on my husband before this," Tracy said after a moment. "And I probably wouldn't have with just a guy who hit on me or something like that. I guess because it's kind of organized and all, with no emotional involvement, it just seems more okay. Weird, huh?"

"Yeah," Cathy agreed automatically, not because she understood what Tracy was telling her.

"Trish lured me in with those tapes," Tracy continued. "And once you see that... well, once I saw that big dick of Tony's... It was only a matter of time. I hadn't had a big one like that in me in so long and I had almost forgotten how incredible it made me feel."

It was Cathy's turn to raise an eyebrow. Tracy was, after all, fairly petite, three or four inches shorter than Cathy. She was also a thinner build. How could a tiny thing like her need so much man up inside her? Since the conversation was pretty wide open, Cathy asked her.

"I don't know. I had a friend who was almost six feet tall who didn't enjoy sex with a guy bigger than six or seven inches. She said it hurt her. Me? I don't know. Six or seven just barely gets my attention. I don't know what it is. Maybe there isn't any relationship between height and how, uh, deep you are? Or maybe I just want to be stretched out and pounded and she didn't?" She looked at Cathy as if to see if that answered the question.

Cathy nodded. It was another one of those things that it was fun to talk about, but not really possible to dissect or define in any real terms. She went back to her original question.

"So, what are we then?"

"I guess we're the sex syndicate," laughed Tracy . "Unless you have another option, that is."

"No," Cathy smiled as she shook her head. "The W.S.S. The Wives Sex Syndicate." They both laughed.

"Yeah," chimed in Tracy . "Or S.O.W: Sex Organization Wives." Cathy laughed and thought for a few moments.

"W.A.D.S.: Wives Association of Dick Suckers!"

"Speak for yourself!" Tracy shot back, laughing. "I'm in it to get laid!"

"Yeah, and Trish is in it to masturbate," replied Cathy. "But all three of us are sucking his dick." They both laughed.

"Okay, you got me there," Tracy conceded. "WADS does have a ring to it. But maybe something a little more discrete?"

"Like what?" Cathy asked. They both sat in silece for a moment, before Tracy came out with a name.

"How about "Wives' Club?" she suggested. "And by club, of course, I mean Tony's cock!" They both smiled and shook their heads.

"Not very catchy. Kind of bland, not all that exciting," Cathy said. "So really, it's perfect."

"The full name, of course," said Tracy , "is the Wives' Club of Organized Cocksucking, Fucking and Videotaping. What's that? W.C.O.C.F.V." They laughed. "Okay, it's an acronym you can't pronounce. But it nails it down pretty good, don't you think?" Tracy asked. "And Wives' Club sounds harmless."

"That's the real selling point," Cathy laughed. "I can't really tell my husband I'm going a Cocksucking Wives Association meeting, but Wives's Club, that I might get away with!" They both cracked up again.

"Okay," said Cathy, sounding more serious than she intended. "We have a name. What next?" Tracy looked at her, apparently not understanding the question.

"I guess we just keep doing what we're doing and leave the rest up to Trish," Tracy replied with a shrug. "A good fuck once a week and a new video or two... that's fine with me. You?"

"Yeah, sounds good to me. It's just," Cathy paused, feeling embarrassed again. "What if Tony would let me, you know, take your place when it's you're turn to give him a blow job?"

"Hon, I'd give it to you in a second!" Tracy said with a wave of her hand. "But I don't think he'd go for it. And even if he would, Trish wouldn't. Trish doesn't like doing it, so there's no way she'd let me get out of it."

"Well, I'd take her turn too!" Cathy said with a slight laugh.

"Nah, he likes making her do it. He likes making me do it too. He gets off on it," Tracy said, shaking her head. "He knows Trish and I would stop right now if it were up to us. So he has that power over us. And he knows you'll be back voluntarily. Get it?"

Cathy understood perfectly. And it wasn't that she hadn't thought of that. It was really a matter of trying to make an excuse to suck Tony's cock more often. She was, she realized, still riding pretty high after sucking him off twice that afternoon. Maybe after she had a chance to calm down a bit, the desire to see him more frequently would fade. Or maybe, once she was in a regular routine like Tracy , the feeling that it wasn't quite enough would go away.

It was, Cathy reminded herself, an all you can eat buffet. She could go back as much as she wanted. There was no reason to fill her plate to overflowing on the first trip.

"Besides," continued Tracy , "Trish hates it way worse than I do and I'll gladly keep doing it if it means she has to too!" She snickered.

"How about her and her husband?" Cathy asked.

"Yeah, that's pretty funny too," Tracy grinned. "I'd love to see a video of that! She's admitted to blowing him two or three times a week, which means she's probably had to do it at least four or five!" Tracy seemed to be taking an inordinate amount of pleasure in Trish's humiliation. There was obviously quite a bit of bitterness between the two, despite the mutually beneficial arrangement they had.

"Four or five times a week?" Cathy mused aloud. "I've given three blow jobs in two plus weeks--and I want to do it!"

"Yeah, unfortunately," Tracy said, "you got a guy who loves to spread it around and he's got plenty of opportunity. Hell, the three of us are half his week, not to mention any of the register girls he sets up for Trish. And honestly, I think he's nails most of them before he gets them to do it in the store." Tracy shrugged. "It's not like I wouldn't go over there two or three times a week if it was an option!"

"Yeah, but," Cathy protested weakly, "he does prefer getting older women to suck him off."

"Maybe," Tracy said, unconvinced. "But he's like a dog marking his territory. He wants to cum in as many women's mouths as he can. Yeah, he may want you, me and Trish on a regular basis because of that. But he's still going to get as many of the girls in the store as he can. Believe that. And," Tracy added with a warning wag of her finger, "if it came down to chosing between you and another 'older woman' that hadn't sucked his cock, you'd lose out."

"I don't know." Cathy heard the truth in Tracy 's words, but at the same time felt her skill and enthusiasm had to count for something. "He seemed pretty impressed with me."

"Maybe, but he's already had you. If it was a choice between two women he'd already had, then how good you did him might matter. It's a conquest thing. Guys can't resist the temptation of something new and unknown." Tracy looked right into Cathy's eyes and Cathy had to look away. She knew Tracy was saying was right. It was just a bit sobering to think that she could give such effort to getting a man off and still be no more than just another cocksucker to him.

Not that she wanted anything from Tony. He was just a convenient place to get something she wanted. At the same time, she thought what she did was special, better than the average woman could or would do. However, there was no particular recognition of that if what Tracy said was true. He would just as soon have his cock sucked by someone new--might prefer it--to a blow job from her, no matter how well she had satisfied him.

It scared her a little to think that even this early in the game, she was already more dependent on him than he was on her. He could and did get his dick sucked elsewhere. But for her, he was the only game in town. What if she got into a routine like Tracy and then had it yanked away?

Cathy remembered her frustration when her college boyfriend Tommy had flown half way across the country for a job interview. He was gone less than a week and it seemed a year. But that was nothing compared to the gut wrenching jolt she got when he told her he had gotten a job offer out there and was planning to take it.

Cathy still had another year of school left. She didn't know if she and Tommy had a future beyond college. She thought about it often, but never really assumed there would be. But the idea of losing him--losing his wonderful cock, more importantly--left her feeling very empty. She could feel a similar situation, albeit on a much smaller scale, building here. Her desire to suck their cocks was greater than their desire or need to have her suck them. It was a dangerous place to be.

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