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"Are you sure this is safe?" Cathy asked Trish. "I mean, having this around seems pretty risky."

"Don't worry," Trish said, sitting in front of Cathy's computer, her attention more on the screen than on her friend's question. "That's why I'm setting this up for you. You won't keep any of this in your PC. I'm setting you up to get into a server where you can keep it all. You can access it any time you want and there's nothing actually on your computer for your husband to stumble across. It's all password protected too, just in case you were worried about that." Trish clicked a few things on the screen as Cathy watched, still doubtful.

"I have to tell you," Trish said as she continued to click away. "You were incredible again. I watched both blow jobs about five times each. You really do love it, don't you?"

"Uh, yeah," Cathy said, still much more concerned with what Trish was doing with the computer.

"My favorite part was at the very end when you thanked him! That was priceless." Trish frowned at the screen, typed a few characters and clicked again. She turned to Cathy. "And you were sincere. You were grateful to him for cumming in your mouth. That was great."

Cathy hadn't thought about it, didn't even remember doing it, but if she had, she had meant it. It had been good, like it had been back in her college days.

There was, however, some underlying tone in Trish's voice. Cathy wasn't sure what it was, but it wasn't anything good. Was Trish insulting her? Mocking her? Looking down on her?

It didn't seem to be anything that strong, but still there was something there. Cathy recalled several instances over the last couple of weeks where Trish and Tracy had been at each other. Cathy wasn't sure what the true root of it was, but it seemed to stem from the whole sex and video arrangement. There was some sort of bitterness in Trish that Cathy had never seen before. Not like this, anyway.

In their regular gossip sessions, Trish could be rather scathing in assessment of others. But she had usually done so in a humorous context. Sure, what she was saying could be construed as vicious, but mostly the two of them just laughed about it. Now Cathy was seeing hints of the same thing, but without the humor. And it wasn't directed at a third party, but rather right at her and Tracy.

"Okay, here you are," Trish said, nodding toward the computer screen. "You have all the videos here in the server. Eventually, I'm going to set up a shared server for the three of us, but for now you'll have to upload new ones from disks. I'll burn copies and give them to you. You'll upload them on here and then destroy the disk." Trish ran through the process once, then had Cathy do it once herself. It was simple enough and Cathy quickly got the gist of it.

Cathy still had concerns though. She didn't bother talking to Trish about it. Trish would insist there was no chance of discovery and would talk down to Cathy. No, Cathy would wait until she left and call Tracy . In the meantime, there was still Trish's bitterness to delve into.

"So did you really call Tony and tell him not to fuck Tracy? Tell him to have her give him a blow job?" She asked.

"Yeah," Trish said with a snort. "She thought it was so funny that I had to suck Ed's dick."

"So you called Tony to get even?" Cathy didn't like the sound of Trish's voice. Trish didn't seem to think there was anything even mildly wrong with what she had done.

"I know she doesn't like sucking dick either. She could have been a little more sympathetic."

"If she did something else to make you mad," Cathy asked, "would you do it again?" It was a power that Trish had over Tracy and could just as easily hold over Cathy. What would happen if Cathy did something to anger Trish?

"Oh, I think she's learned her lesson," Trish replied. Her words had an air of finality about them, as if there was no doubt that the situation could never occur again. Trish obviously had not considered that Cathy might feel vulnerable to the same kind of retaliation.

"So what's happening with you and Ed now?" Cathy was wondering if it was wise to pry into this delicate matter. But she was very curious and also it would be better to test Trish's limits early on, before she got too used to her extramarital pleasures. Trish did shoot her a suspicious glance before answering, Cathy noticed.

"Not much," Trish replied dryly. "He still tries to use the video as leverage, but it's not as effective as it was. There was a point I really thought he might divorce me and, with that video, he would have me nailed to the wall. I'd lose big, I'm sure. But now," Trish shrugged, "he's made it obvious that he doesn't really care about me or what I do. As long as I give him a bj once in a while."

"But I thought..." Hadn't Trish said she was blowing him several times a week.

"That I had to blow him almost daily?" Trish finished for her. Cathy nodded. "Yeah, I say it so I can see Tracy 's reaction. So far she's been smart enough to keep from laughing in my face again. But we know what'll happen if she fucks up. Maybe it'll be a month on her knees next time." Trish flashed a sour smile. It made Cathy's stomach flip-flop.

"Why's it so big a deal?" Cathy pressed. "I mean, so what if she laughs. It's not like we aren't all getting something good out of this, right?"

Trish turned and faced Cathy, looking directly into her eyes. Cathy was a little surprised by the intensity of her gaze.

"I don't like having to do it. It pisses me off. Yeah," she said with a wave of her hand toward Cathy's computer, "I kinda like seeing it afterward. But that doesn't change the fact that I don't like doing it."

" Tracy doesn't like it either," Cathy replied. "But I don't think she would do something to hurt someone else over it."

" Tracy has her issues with it," Trish said. "But for the most part, she's okay with it. Maybe the taste of cum puts her off a little. Maybe she'd rather get laid. But that's all it is for her."

"So why's it so different for you?" Now Cathy was genuinely curious.

"It's the power thing," Trish said simply, as if that explained everything. Cathy looked at her, uncomprehending. "You give a man power. You're being his servant. I don't think there's a man on this planet that has the right to stand over me, stick his cock in my face and tell me to suck it."

"Wow," Cathy didn't really think of it as a negative thing, being a man's servant in that context. Not that she didn't understand Trish's point of view, it just wasn't a problem from Cathy's perspective. "So every time Tony makes you do it, it's like... like... an insult or something?"

"Insult?" Trish raised an eyebrow. "No. Well, maybe. It's humiliation is what it is. You'll notice that anymore he always wants me on my knees while he's standing. He'll let you blow him on the sofa and Tracy 's done him in bed and on the sofa and other places. But not me." Trish gave a significant look to Cathy. "He knows. He knows that more than anything I don't want him standing over me. He knows I hate to be on my knees, like I'm groveling or something. So that's what he does."

"That's what really puts you off about it?" Cathy asked. She wasn't really surprised. Trish was a bossy, take-charge type. Any challenge to her authority would likely ruffle her feathers. To submit to what amounted to humiliation in her mind was especially difficult.

"That's the biggest thing," Trish said. "But the rest of it's not so pleasant either. The taste of cum and the swallowing, that's pretty fucking bad too. And just knowing that he's enjoying it all the more because I don't like it... How the hell am I supposed to feel about it? Seeing that shit-eating grin of his and knowing I'm going to have that taste in my mouth for hours?"

Cathy thought back to the video she had watched at Tracy 's. Trish had looked quite willing. Perhaps that was an act, something she did for her own benefit for when she watched the video later. Or maybe a little humiliation turned Trish on. It was something she would never have done on her own. She needed to be pushed, nearly coerced into doing it. But once she had, maybe she there was some thrill she got from it. And of course, if that was the thrill, being forced against her will, then Trish would have to maintain that she didn't like it. If only to keep it exciting for herself.

"Is it like that even with Ed?" Cathy asked. Trish shot her a sharp look, then shrugged.

"He knows I'm not doing it willingly," she answered. "I mean, there was a time when I'd do it for him once in a while, just to make him happy. But those days are long gone. It's not the same now as it was then. We just don't give a shit, I guess. So, if it weren't for that video, I wouldn't be blowing him either."

"But does it--I don't know-- bother you the same as with Tony?" Cathy persisted.

"Nah, it's not the same. Tony is all about the humiliation. For him, it's as much about seeing me on my knees as getting his dick sucked. Ed just wants to get a blow job. He's got at least as much on me as Tony, but he doesn't use it the same way. He knows I don't like it and he's almost apologetic that he's got me doing it. Tony, he gets off on making me do it, 'cause he knows I don't like it. The fucker came all over my face one time. Seemed like buckets of the shit. I had to act like I liked that better than him cumming in my mouth. Just so he wouldn't be encouraged to do it again."

"Huh?" Cathy looked at her in confusion. Trish explained.

"If he knew how goddamn degrading it was to me, to have him shoot his load all over my face like that, well... He'd cum in my face every time. I made like it was better than having to swallow the shit, 'cause I'd rather swallow it than have it squirted in my eyes. Reverse psychology." Trish gave Cathy a long look. "You probably wouldn't think it was that bad, would you?"

Cathy thought for a minute. She had let Tommy, her college boyfriend, shoot his load in her face a few times. It had been exciting at first, maybe because it was something new. But they both preferred it when he came in her mouth, so it only lasted until the novelty faded.

"I'd rather he cum in my mouth," Cathy answered. "It's more of a turn on and it's a lot less mess to clean up. But it's not like it wasn't exciting to try."

"Yeah, see, it's a bit different for me," Trish said, an undercurrent of contempt in her tone. "It makes me grind my teeth, just thinking about that son-of-a-bitch squirting it in my face. The only reason for him to do that would be to make it worse. Make me feel.... soiled."

There was a belligerence in Trish's tone that indicated she really didn't want to talk about it. Cathy decided she had pushed it enough. Trish either secretly liked it or she honestly didn't. Cathy wondered if Trish herself knew which was true.

"You're right about the servant thing," Cathy told Trish, deflecting the conversation to herself. "I do feel like I'm there to do whatever he wants. But I guess for me, that's part of the thrill. I never found it humiliating, only exciting. Even if it's a little messy sometimes." She shrugged and looked at her friend. Trish gave her a wry smile.

"I wonder what it would be like to feel like that," she said. "I can't imagine actually welcoming that feeling. No offense, Cath," Trish added with a smile. "I just don't like a man using my mouth--let alone my face--for his sperm receptacle."

Though Trish claimed she meant no offense, her last remark was clearly intended to offend. Cathy took note of the attempt to insult her, even as the attempt failed. She didn't think anything Trish could say about her or cock sucking in general would diminish the pleasure she took in it.

Cathy assumed that Trish's bitterness stemmed from her inability to reach orgasm with a man. Masturbating while watching videos of women who were able to was probably a tough pill to swallow. Trish was only able to derive pleasure from watching other people do what she could not.

Cathy felt sorry for Trish, even as Trish was attempting to degrade her. It was probably a lot to do with Trish's personality. A woman had to be willing to lose control to some extent to allow herself to reach orgasm. Trish's controlling nature probably kept her from letting go to the point where she could. And this bitter side of her wasn't going to improve her chances. It was sad, Cathy realized. Something so important that she took for granted was denied Trish.

There was nothing to be said now to Trish. Cathy would think about it and maybe even ask Tracy , though she suspected Tracy 's stance wasn't likely to be sympathetic.

"Okay, here you go," Trish announced, getting up from the PC. "Try one," she said, indicating that Cathy should sit at the computer. Trish showed her where to click. Cathy selected a video entitled "Maureen-03" and clicked it. It took a few moments, but then the familiar video player appeared on the screen and the equally familiar rear of Trish's store appeared in the first frame.

Cathy clicked play and watched, almost hypnotized, as the video showed Tony leading a large breasted red headed girl into the picture. They groped and kissed quite a bit before Maureen's hand slid down the front of Tony's pants. It wasn't long after that Tony's cock was out and Maureen was on her knees sucking it.

After a few minutes, Tony reached down and pulled her shirt over her head. Maureen raised her arms compliantly and then returned to sucking his cock. As she sucked, Cathy could hear Tony telling her to take off her bra.

"Come on," he said, "Let me see those big boobs of yours." It didn't take much to convince her and a minute later, her ample breasts were revealed. They were enormous. Maureen was a bit on the chunky side, and her tits were huge. Cathy guessed they were at least 40DD, probably bigger. They swayed and bounced as her head bobbed up and down on Tony's shaft.

"I told him I wanted to see her tits," Trish said from behind Cathy. "I told him an extra twenty-five bucks if he could get her to show 'em. Worth it though, don't you think?" Cathy wasn't sure. They were so big as to be unattractive, but there was still something hypnotic about them and Cathy couldn't look away.

As if on cue, Maureen stopped sucking Tony's cock and put it between her mammoth breasts. She squeezed them around his member and began stroking him up and down with them. She tucked her chin down against her chest so the tip of his cock could slide in and out of her mouth as she rubbed him.

After a few minutes of that, she switched back to sucking him again. Cathy watched the girl's big breasts flop and jiggle as her lips slid up and down Tony's rock hard shaft. Judging by Tony's breathing, Cathy figured he was getting close. Sure enough, a moment later he pulled back from Maureen.

"Put it between your tits. Make me cum with your big tits," Tony breathed. Compliantly, Maureen grabbed her breasts and sandwiched his cock between them. She stroked them up and down on his member as she had done before. And again, she tilted her head forward and opened her mouth to taste him each time he pushed out the top.

"Here it comes," Trish said to Cathy. "This is great."

Cathy watched as Tony groaned and threw his head back. His cock wasn't in Maureen's mouth when he started cumming. His first squirt hit her chin and lips and she reflexively closed her mouth. His second spurt shot up along her cheek and into her hair before she managed to take him back into her mouth. She let go of her boobs and took hold of the base of Tony's cock and squeezed it, stroking him up toward her lips.

When she had sucked him dry, she took him out of her mouth and rubbed his shaft in the cum he had shot on her cheek. Then, looking up at him, she licked it off. Tony used his finger to scoop up more of the cum on her face and put it in her waiting mouth.

"You really like fucking my titties, don't you?" Maureen asked as she licked away more of the cum on Tony's cock.

"Oh yeah," he said and Cathy was pretty sure he wasn't exaggerating. "Next time I want to straddle you and fuck the shit out of them." He reached down, took one in each hand and rubbed them together. "Then I want to cum all over them and watch you rub my cum all over them. Damn!" he added as Maureen held them up to him like an offering.

"Tony," she said sincerely. "You can fuck my titties any time you want."

The video ended and Trish turned to Cathy.

"Check out Maureen-04 if you want to see him tit fuck her and cum all over her face and tits. And no," Trish anticipated Cathy's question. "They didn't do that in the store!"

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